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Extreme Makeover--The Homeschool Edition by Rhonda Miller

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by , 07-16-2010 at 07:43 AM (2373 Views)

Is there hope? You have a homeschool room with bookshelves lining the wall, full of curriculum that looks so handsome, but yet remains unused. We all struggle with the choices we make regarding the right curriculum. Does it fit our children? Will they learn at the correct level? Will they love learning or will the school day trudge on forever? Is it the right choice? It all looks so good! So, how do you choose?

I have spent many hours and found myself extremely frustrated over finding the right materials. The sense of being overwhelmed is certainly not a foreign concept to this homeschooling mom! I have found that it is a common feeling for most parents that choose to homeschool.

The best news--there is hope! An extreme makeover in your homeschool can happen and you can be left with an exciting and fun-filled learning experience! Now that you know there is hope, let's learn about what it will take for that extreme makeover to end up nothing less than beautiful in the end.

The first thing to recognize is your core values. Your core values should influence the curriculum that you choose. Consider what is important to your educational values and make a list. Then, you can apply those values in your choice of curricula.

After you are settled with what your core values are, take a look into your child's learning style. Do they learn best by reading books, scanning through magazines and seeing the written lesson? They may soak in more when they hear the spoken word, such as through a homeschool computer program, or watching educational programs. Or, do you have a child that just has to get his hands on something in order to learn? Chances are, you have more than one child, so take the time to know each child individually. It is not uncommon at all to have a child that has more than one learning style. All five of my children are completely different! It's always amazing to me how different children can be, especially when they have the same parents!

The choices are endless, but once you identify your core values and know how your child learns best, you can quickly identify programs that will be most effective for your household. Be careful not to make hasty decisions. This will help you avoid getting stuck with a stack of school books that clutter your life. Searching for a great online homeschool program? Many of them offer a trial period so be sure to take advantage in order to test the waters. And keep in mind that online, interactive programs offer more than one learning style and are typically extremely effective...and fun!

Ready for that extreme makeover? It's really not that hard to design a homeschool learning program that is effective and fun. What is important is that you take the time to realize what is important for your family and be in tune with how your children learn best. After that, you'll have the time to clear out all those books no longer needed and you'll be able to claim an EXTREME HOMESCHOOL MAKEOVER!


  1. topsytechie's Avatar
    What an awesome post....thanks for this, Rhonda!!
  2. thegaddy5's Avatar
    I love the whole extreme makeover thing... very creative... great post Rhonda!!
  3. five_blessed's Avatar
    Thanks, girls!
  4. teachermom5's Avatar
    I think this is great Rhonda. Wonderful words of encouragement ! Hope you had a wonderful trip and anxious to finally connect with you when you are available.
  5. jpenn's Avatar
    Rhonda, this is a really good post. I enjoyed reading it!!