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My Dirty Little Secret...

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by , 11-03-2010 at 12:17 AM (3103 Views)
My Dirty Little Secret...
by Jamie

So, you're curious about my little secret? Well, I guess it's got to come out sometime! Here goes...I have been asked countless times how I like homeschooling, and I know I have answered countless times with a trite, "Oh, it's fine." Yet, recently due to many things in my life, I have been taking out the microscope and examing my motives, feelings, and what really drives me. I have been trying to peel away the facade that I seem to sugar coat everything with, and guess what I discovered? I hope you're sitting down... The truth is that I realized I don't really "like" homeschooling my own children. There, I said it... it's finally out. I know you're thinking why is she writing this when she is supposed to be an example and encouragement to new homeschoolers. Forgive me, but just hear me out!

No one really likes doing things that are difficult. That's the honest truth. Yes, I am just letting it all hang out today... Homeschooling is one of the most difficult things I have ever done, ranking right up there next to childbirth. (Come on... you know it's true.) I don't like homeschooling because it can be frustrating and difficult, it reveals a multitude of my personal weaknesses, there are myriads of decisions to make from homeschooling curriculum to testing, and not to mention the fact that I am personally responsible for the educational success of my children. Talk about stress... shew...

Yet, just like childbirth, there is great benefit in the discomfort and difficulty.

Please don't brand me as a heretic...yet... just because I don't like homeschooling doesn't mean that I don't WANT to homeschool. (I know you're thinking I am nuts right about now...but hang on... I'm really not.) I don't like homeschooling because it is tough, but I absolutely LOVE the outcome and the product that homeschooling produces. Yes, I miss the mark so often and get discouraged, I don't reach all my goals, I struggle and get stressed out, but my children are exhibiting the positive effects of a lifetime of homeschooling.

My children are definitely better in so many areas than I was at their ages. My teens aren't disrespectful to their parents (wish I could say that about myself as a teen) and actually want to be seen with me in public. These children enjoy reading, sewing, crafting, playing, and being silly - all the things that children should enjoy. Our lives are missing many of the aspects that are present in our modern day public schooled teeens... and I am so thankful. My children are being raised by their parents and not by their peers, which makes all the difference in the world.

So... No, homeschooing isn't always great and most of the time I don't really like doing it, but I am dedicated to homeschooling my children to make a difference... for their future, our family's future, and our nation's future.

(See, I told you I wasn't completely crazy...)

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  1. SahmIam's Avatar
    Phew! Glad I'm not the only one. . . . . Homeschooling is hard. I remember a time when I could do silly things like drink coffee alone in the middle of the day, or have a job where I talked to other adults. However, homeschooling is completely worth it. My children may be home for the next 10 or 15 years, but they will have entire lifetimes to live out the lives that were set before them and built on the foundations we provided. I may not always enjoy homeschooling (sometimes I do!) and I don't know what the future holds, but it is the right choice for us right now.
  2. MamaMary's Avatar
    Oh Jaime, this is such an amazing article. I LOVED IT!
  3. thegaddy5's Avatar
    Thanks Sahmlam and Mary... I agree... homeschooling is so worth it... even if it isn't EXACTLY what I always want to do. I choose the better thing... which is - just like you said - building the solid foundation for their future! On the other hand, that is why we are here... so late - or should I say early in the morning ... to encourage each other in the journey!
    Thank you both!
  4. tiffanyscott's Avatar
    i love this article too! its so comforting to know that im not the only one who feels this way. i homeschool to make sure my children don't fall through the cracks, as i was one of those kids myself. every year i get more worried about when they will pass my level of knowledge, especially in math. And my oldest is quite stubborn so we argue more than i'd like. however i know they will get more from home school then i ever did in a public school. that's why i do it.
  5. denimay's Avatar
    This is GREAT!!! I too have days when I think I'm a serious failure as both a mother and a teacher!! I have taught soooooo many kids how to read and think and do math, science, etc. that it is very depressing when my own child is struggling.......I was (and still am) such a success teaching other people's children soooo it is really discouraging when I can't seem to do as well with my own......I do really believe in home-schooling and we do have some successes.....but I'd really rather 'trade kids' with someone once in awhile......and do trade parts with other parents so each of us gets a break and the kids get someone else to learn with on occassion. My queendom for a co-op close by..........deni......
  6. thegaddy5's Avatar
    Thanks deni and tiffany...I have tried to pretend way too long that everything was perfect...etc. But, with six children, I am way past that these days. Homeschooling is the BEST... and I would never trade it... but to me it is an uphill climb each day. A climb that I am purposing to make! Thanks for your input, it helps me to know that I am not alone, and I am really not crazy... despite my own assurances
  7. melaknee's Avatar
    Love this! Tiffany Scott, I think you said my exact words already! I am still on the fence, but definitely teetering on the HS edge of the fence. Thanks for this! Melanie~