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A Plan a Day Keeps Disaster Away!

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by , 02-15-2012 at 04:04 AM (1040 Views)
A Plan A Day Keeps Disaster Away!
by Jamie

Using a lesson plan isn’t a tool reserved only for teachers! In fact, almost every successful person I have met has used “planning” to keep themselves on track. If successful people use it, shouldn’t homeschoolers? Sure, we should, but how? Most of us aren't trained teachers... so here are a few tips for writing great homeschool plans.

1) Every great plan starts with a goal. Your goals should be broad and cover “the big Picture” like a year, a semeseter, or a unit of study. Goals should not be specific…save that for later.
2) Next write your objectives. These should be clear, specific, and measureable. You can even break these down into daily objectives of learning outcomes that you want to accomplish each school day.
3) Accompany each objective with the method you plan on using to teach it with, and the materials you need to accomplish this.
4) Design an assessment tool (test, quiz, project, Q and A) to determine if the students have met the learning objective.


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