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What To Do ABout Physical Education

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by , 03-02-2012 at 10:52 AM (1744 Views)
I was talking to a couple of moms this week about physical education. Most states require that you have some component of health education or physical education or both in your homeschool curriculum. Although we do an online homeschool curriculum, this is one thing that we can not do online.

Many of the families I know go to a gym and participate in a program of regular exercise that way. But this conversation got me thinking about what to do for physical education. I mean nine year old boys, they run all the time. They donít really have a slow speed. Everything they do is fast and faster. So do they really need a time that is set aside for physical education? I donít think they do.

My son plays soccer three times a week. He plays on a city league that has a game and a practice every week. He also plays on a homeschool soccer league. In the city league he gets to learn the rules of soccer. He learns what it means to play competitively. Of course he also learns what it is like to have screaming parents yelling things at the coach that nine year olds should not be hearing. But in the homeschool league he learns to play as a team. He learns what it means to help the other kids that you are playing with. He learns sportsmanship. To me that is so much more important than learning the rules of soccer. For us, soccer is what we write down as our physical education class. But I think he also gets physical education during the afternoon after soccer when he is hanging out with his friends in the park.

My son is also on a bowling league. Now I know that some of you are thinking that bowling is not really exercise. But let me tell you, the day after bowling day ever week, my son has very sore legs from muscles that get stretched in a different way by bowling.

Playing soccer or bowling teaches my son much more than just how to play as a team or how to understand the rules of the game, This week, on the way home, my son was talking about how he had beat the boy he was playing against by 2 points. He was quite proud of this fact because the other boy was four years older than he is. He talked for quite a while about how good it felt to win. But then, this amazing nine year old said to me, "But it's not about winning, it's about having fun." Wow, how did he get so wise.

My son plays soccer and goes bowling for physical education. As the warmer weather approaches, he will also begin to take tennis lessons again. So this is what goes "in the records" for physical education. What do you do to meet this requirement? Does your child participate in sports or an organized gym program?
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