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  • Blog: Celebrate the 100th Day of School

    January is the perfect time to celebrate the 100th Day of School. It’s become sort of a pseudo-holiday in elementary schools in recent years, and rightfully so. Kids enjoy it and learn from it, it spices up the dreary mid-winter days, and it’s an easy project for homeschoolers to take on.

    If you want to have the kids do a little calendar work, they could look back through the school year and figure out how many days they’ve “done” school. But I think the exact date is less important than having some fun and learning a bit of math. So choose a day that works for your family’s schedule and designate it The 100th Day of School.

    How do you celebrate a holiday of this magnitude? The list of possibilities is endless. Kids can count to 100, learn about percentages or decimals, collect 100 items (cheerios, candy, buttons, etc.), make a graph using 100s, write a list of 100 words, etc. There are some fun poetry projects using alliteration of the “H” sound for “hundred”, such as a popular poem about “a hundred happy hogs”. There are some creative writing prompts too, like “If I had a hundred ______, here’s what I would do!” And since there are 100 pennies in a dollar, this is a great opportunity to reinforce math concepts with money.

    It’s fun for kids to decorate a cake by writing “100” in frosting, or by using cookie cutters to make cookies shaped like the numbers. Or bake chocolate chip cookies with exactly 100 chocolate chips. Even clay or painting projects could be adapted to either use the number 100 or to utilize 100 items as part of the activity. You could probably even come up with a silly song about the number 100 to make the day even more fun. The 100th Day of School is a great way to lighten up and have some fun on a cold winter day, so get to celebrating!
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    1. Robin's Avatar
      Robin -
      Has it been 100 days already? We usually go all year so I never know when it falls for most people. LOL
    1. MamaToHerRoo's Avatar
      MamaToHerRoo -
      I'm with Robin here. We school all year long so we have never done the 100 Day holiday.

      I do like the idea of having some "holiday" that indicates where we are in the school year. Maybe we will do the 100 day celebration this will have to be an arbitrary day, but I'm always up for baking cooking or having a school day celebration!
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