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    Like it isn’t already difficult enough to be a parent,teacher, coach, chauffeur, referee, and janitor… we have to assign grades too! Grades are definitely one of those responsibilities that stress me out. I love teaching the kids, and doing the myriad of other homeschool related things... but grades? What are grades all about anyway? They definitely have their purpose, though it may be difficult to see at times...Here’s a quick reminder…

    · Grades serve to give a reference point
    · Grades indicate progress or lack thereof…
    · Grades can help to motivate without overemphasis by rewarding student’s progress
    · Grades supply information to make informed decisions about the future (highschool or university courses of study)
    · Grades allow others to understand the student better (employers, universities, trade schools)
    · Grades enable students to be considered for special needs or gifted tracks of study
    I often forget just how much grades can tell about a person.I definitely don’t want overemphasize their importance, but I do want to be sure I understand their significance. It does seem difficult… but in truth there are just a few things to consider when assigning grades to your child’shomeschool work.
    · Grades should correspond to meeting the objectives for a course of study
    · Grades should always be given objectively
    · Grades should be established using a predeterminedgradingscale
    · Methods of grading include:
    o Paper pencil tests
    o Projects and reports
    o Demonstrations and performances – use a rubric or checklist to maintain objectivity
    o Quizzes
    o Oral tests/quizzes
    o Discussions
    · Let student’s know the criteria that you will be using to grade their work (ie. Neatness, format, pencil/pen, skills, spelling,etc.)
    · Keep good records
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