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  • Blog: How are you? NO REALLY... how are YOU??

    Hello dear friend... How are you? Yes, you... hard working, self sacrificing, sleep deprived, homeschooling parent. As most of us know, this wonderful task of homeschooling isn't for the faint hearted. Those of us who wake up each day to work diligently with our children in order to educate them as we see fit... are WARRIORS! We sacrifice and labor in ways that many parents just can't understand. Yet, often due to our love and commitment to these ones we call children - we neglect needful things about ourselves and end up in burn out. Warriors can get worn out...

    Are you there? or are you still on the road? Either way, you need to take some precautions so that you don't end up a casualty. Here are a few well deserved tips that you need to apply to your life before it's too late...

    1) Make time for the important things in your life... your family, God, your spouse. Don't just mark off a time slot in your busy schedule, slow down, take a walk, play a game, do something completely relaxing and enjoyable and TALK with those your love! Seriously... take time to smell the roses! Don't just rush through your day, live in every moment.

    2) Don't allow the small pesky things that will tend to keep us crazy busy... to build up. Say "no" to things that aren't all that important... (just don't forget to return the 40 library items that you checked out last month... or you might have a $30 bill!)

    3) Adjust your educational goals if they are just not doable for the time being... (You won't believe how freeing this can be. If you have set goals and are not able to make them, an automatic level of stress accompanies this. Formally change your goals. Write it down if you need to. You won't believe how big of a difference it makes!) Make a no stress plan for your life.

    4) Take a moment to just enjoy life... take a warm bath... sip a cup of cappuccino... light some candles...paint your toenails a wild shade of purple...take a bike ride and enjoy that sunset... do something completely relaxing! Enjoy the blessing of life!

    Since we're friends... I'm going to be completely honest. I need to do some of these myself this week. I've been feeling like I'm holding my breath lately, and I am not enjoying the life God has given me. My goal is to step back, work through these three goals and take a deep breath! Let me know how you are doing by commenting below!
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    1. MamaToHerRoo's Avatar
      MamaToHerRoo -
      I needed to read this. Sometimes I forget to live life today because I am so busy preparing for tomorrow, whether that is tomorrow's school lessons, or the future planting of the garden to feed us for the year, or the long term storage of the fruits of our labor.
      My dad used to say, "When I retire, I am going to go fishing, and take my grandkids." He planned for the future, but died before he was fifty, just 3 months after his first grandchild was born. We should live each day, enjoy it, savor it, cherish it...Thanks for the reminder!
    1. thegaddy5's Avatar
      thegaddy5 -
      thank you... your comment was precious! We all need to keep that in mind!!!
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