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    For all of you veteran homeschoolers, you know what I’m talking about. It is aggravating, but I’m talking about the continual (though you’d think they’d get tired of it) questioning of how our children socialize. So many outside of the homeschooling arena think that homeschooling consists of our children sitting at home in front of a desk all by themselves calculating sums, reading, and writing research papers. Though part of that may be true (definitely the reading part!) I am sure that almost every homeschool parent would heartily disagree that their child sits at home alone in front of a desk!

    For years we have had to battle this questions, and for years our homeschooled children have scored higher on standardized tests, done better in college, and have been able to communicate with people of all ages (not just their own peers). For years, we have seen the effects of public school socialization so why does this questioning still persist?

    To be honest, it is simply a matter of the unknown. For those that know us, and have seen how well socialized my children are and have seen their accomplishments… there are no more questions! Yet, when I meet someone new who hasn’t seen how amazing homeschooled kids can be, they still inevitably ask the questions – “Aren’t they lonely?”, “Do they have friends?”, or even “How do they socialize?” are just a few of the most common questions. Even though it is aggravating and I wish people would just come to terms with it, I have to admit I enjoy answering the question. I enjoy telling them about all the wonderful things that they do, and how they meet so many great people because they aren’t cooped up in a classroom all day. You know, I really feel like it just may be our mission as homeschool parents to change how our world views homeschooling by answering these simple questions.

    So, let me challenge you today… Take advantage of the opportunity when the next person asks if your children are socialized… let them see how great homeschoolers really are!

    For you veteran homeschoolers, please share and let us know how you handle this situation. What is your response to questions like these?
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    1. bailbrae's Avatar
      bailbrae -
      Bah. We've been homeschooling since 2005 and this is *still* such an irritating issue for me, lol. Even though it's irritating, I've come to handle it better over the years. My boys are 8 and 13 and they love to answer the questions though. They like to tell people all of the things in the community they are involved in (with both other homeschoolers AND public school kids). They like to tell people that because they get all of their schoolwork done during the day, they don't have homework in the afternoons and evenings. They like to tell people that of course they have friends. Not only do they have friends their age, they have friends of ALL ages (my 8 year will even go so far as to say "did you know that if I were in school, I would only be able to play with other 8 year olds?!" lol).

      I agree with you...I think the questions stem from folks just not knowing and/or understanding homeschooling families. I can't tell you how many times over the years people have assumed that I'm part of a freak religious cult, or that I have 15 kids, or whatever other stereotype they associate with homeschooling. Even when I'm irritated or frustrated with the questions, I do try and remember that if I enlighten them on the subject, then maybe they will enlighten others.
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