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    Re: Using Caculators

    I don't let mine until high school, and I have them "show their work", so I can see if they have just made a minor error or if they really don't know how to do a specific problem.

    Working through...

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    Re: New to using curriculum for my 7th grader

    It sounds like you might not yet be familiar with your parent account. You can find her reports there. Just log in and click on the "Reports" icon in the left sidebar.

    When she finishes an...

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    Re: US Constitution

    Chapter Five in seventh grade social studies teaches all about the U.S. constitution. It is covered in more detail in the high school government course. :)

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    Re: Frustrated with the platform

    Kathy, if you are not concerned about "completing" a certain amount of work in a certain amount of time, and you just want your student to make steady progress, you can simply have him or her do the...

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