Replacing previous marks/grades when retaking a test
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    Exclamation Replacing previous marks/grades when retaking a test

    Sorry if this sounds like a weird request, but I have had my Grade 4 student log on as my grade 5 student and take a quiz. I do not want it to reflect as the score was 20% and will affect his(5th Graders) term mark. Is there a way I can remove the test mark or retake the test, and have the system remove the previous attempt.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Replacing previous marks/grades when retaking a test

    Hi. The reports record all completed computer-scored work. The scores are for a parent's information in preparing a grade (if you decide to use grades). Parents usually combine these scores with activities they have scored themselves, such as writing assignment or worksheets, to come up with a grade for their child using whatever method they prefer. You can simply disregard any scores you do not choose to include in your child's grade. There is no way to delete a score.

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