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Thread: Bogus State Law

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    Default Bogus State Law

    My family is considering homeschooling for our 6 year old. She is very advanced and they tested her at her current school for 2nd grade. Then when she passed the tests told me that there is a state law that wont let her go to 2nd grade because she is 6. She is already in the once a week gifted program that the school offers but now she is getting bored and talking in class. Anyway, I was wondering if it is possible or if anyone knows if I can take her out of school and homeschool her 2nd grade work this year and put her back into the school system next year as a 3rd grader. She is stuborn and just works better for someone other than me. However I believe whole heartedly that 2nd grade is where she needs to be. Any information or laws I can look up would be great since I can't find the law everyone keeps quoting at me. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Bogus State Law

    Hello and Welcome! I think you would be very surprised to hear just how many parents end up homeschooling for the same reason that you are considering it: gifted children. It is so very frustrating to know that your child is unchallenged in school and not able to excel at their progressed speed.

    While I'm sure I've heard of children skipping grades quite regularly, unfortunately, I have not yet been able to find a concrete answer to your question about whether you can homeschool your daughter for a year and then place her back in public school in a higher grade. The Ga Dept of Education website would be a good place to look around. I have tried to navigate the site myself and am still looking for more information regarding their gifted programs and the requirements.

    I hope I have at least directed you to a helpful site. If I locate any more information, I will post it here. Maybe some of the wonderful members of these forums will have some more information for you as well!

    Good luck and please let us know how things are going for you!
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    Default Re: Bogus State Law

    As far as I've always heard, the public school system will place the child based completely on their chronological age.

    I have heard of grade skips at private schools. But then there is the maturity issue to consider along with that.

    This is one of the primary reasons why we are homeschooling. I've been told repeatedly that there isn't an institutional school out there that can deal with a 2E child, though they claim that they would like to.

    Keeping her at home addresses both of the exceptions very well.

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    Default Re: Bogus State Law

    Thank you all for your information. I know that they skipped a 2nd to 3rd two years ago. I know that it is possible to skip...just according to them, not a 1st to 2nd. I dont want her to spend the year stagnant and learn to hate school. We are also military and I don't want to deal with this all over again the next place we live if they don't advance her. I love the magnet school my older two children are in though, 7th and 9th. Anyway, thanks again for the info.

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