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    Default Help new in Barrow county

    Need to find group in Barrow county area. Am going to start homeschooloing soon as I get info on starting ect. ASAP any suggestions welcome. I have 6th grade gifted son. thanks Connie

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    Hi Connie, and welcome! Here are a couple of sites where you can try and find a group local to you:

    GHEA - Find a Local Support Group
    Homeschool World: Georgia Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups

    I would like to suggest you take a look at this Welcome to Homeschooling guide. It's got a lot of great info in there and it's not overwhelming to try and sort through. I would also suggest you check out the Special Needs forum here. That's where some parents of gifted children have may find some help there.

    Hope that helped, at least a little. Always feel free to ask any questions or anything that you have. Looking forward to chatting with you more...
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