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    Question Does parents have the option of taking a lesson off once the child has completed it?

    A create a daily lesson plan for my son for his homeschooling. I am having to remember what chapters he has completed. Is there a way for parents to take off things that has already been completed? Please excuse me if this the wrong section of this forum.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Does parents have the option of taking a lesson off once the child has completed

    Hi, Steph. If you created your plan using the Activity Planner, it will appear when your student logs in under a tab marked Activity Plan. Your student can check off each activity as it is completed . . . or, the computer will check off everything that has been completed at 1:00 AM each day. Be sure your plan is set as your student's default, so the Activity Tab plan appears when he or she logs in.

    This won't affect the lessons that appear. They will always all be there waiting. The activity planner creates a list for the student to work from . . . sort of like handing your student a stack of textbooks and saying, "Read page fifteen in the social studies book and read pages 20-23 in the chemistry book and answer the questions on page 24." The whole stack of textbooks will always be sitting there, and your student will need to locate what they need to do, using your instructions.

    Your student can use the Activity Finder to locate the lesson activities on his or her list. They find the lesson activity number on the activity plan and then type it into the field marked with a little magnifying glass icon at the lower, right of their dashboard when they are logged in to any subject.

    I hope this helps you navigate more easily. You can also log in to your parent account to view a video about how to use the activity planner.

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