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    Default spanish

    Has anybody taken the Spanish course yet? MY granddaughter is taking the course, she says that it's hard Because it doesn't translate the Spanish to English. Jos

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    Default Re: spanish

    Hi, jos!

    Time4Learning is powered by Rosetta Stone, which is probably the "Cadillac" of foreign language programs. The reason it works so well is because it uses an entirely different (and much more effective) method of teaching . . . but it can take awhile to get used to it if a student is use to the "old" way.

    When we learn our native language, no one translates for us. We just listen to people speaking it, notice what they are talking about, and our brains absorb the language. That's called "immersion". Time4Languages seeks to replicate that in its instruction, so the student learns to speak and understand the new language naturally, and isn't constantly translating from one language to another in their head.

    For example, the old "language lesson records" had people listening to a speaker who would say something like, "cat, el gato . . . cat, el gato . . . dog, el perro . . . dog, el perro . . . " Later, they would be given a worksheet that had words like "cat" and "dog" on it and they needed to write or choose the Spanish word to match.

    Time4Languages shows the student a picture and just says "el gato". That avoids training the student's brain to always associate a Spanish word with its English equivalent. The goal is for the student to simply to understand Spanish, the same way they understand English.

    If your granddaughter is having difficulty, I'll bet he or she is trying to translate in their head! When seeing the pictures of a cat and a dog, they are probably still thinking "cat" and "dog" before choosing the Spanish word, instead of looking at the Spanish word and selecting the matching picture without really thinking about it.

    Many Spanish teachers these days give all their instructions in Spanish (even on the first day of class), because language learning through immersion has proven to be so effective.

    Anyway, I'm a mom who was using Rosetta Stone for my kids (and paying LOTS for it) way before Time4Learning started offering it as Time4Languages. We love the program at our house. I hope your granddaughter does, too, once she has tried it for awhile.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Default Re: spanish

    I agree with Kelly that immersion language learning is far more effective! I hope your granddaughter was able to stick with it! While it does take some time to adjust, it has been far easier to retain than other methods I've used previously.

    Whatever language your child is studying, here are some more fun ways to help kids speak and think in a new language:

    3 Ways to Grow Your Child’s Foreign Language Skills

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