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    My son is in 3rd grade..We tried T4L out and he LOVED it! My question is...What is considered an activity? According to his grade level he needs to do 1 Lang. Arts per day...Is that just one Activity...or do we need to complete every activity inside the circle for it to count as one...I'm a bit confused as to what constitutes a Single Activity..This is new to me and it is quite scary...I hope I'm doing the right thing....But his Charter school, which used to be great, now has too many children in it and he's falling behind. T4L he got right away. Thanks for any help and encouragement.


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    Hi, Car. When your student selects a subject (such as math or language arts), he will be brought to a page of chapter icons. (Think of them as chapters in the "math" book.) Selecting a chapter icon brings him to a page of lesson icons. Selecting a lesson icon brings him to a page of activity icons. EACH of those activity icons is a single activity, and that's what the number in the lesson plan refers to.

    It doesn't take very long to get through a day's language arts. Homeschooling is much more efficient than traditional eduational methods, because there is no time spent on role call, waiting your turn for classroom equipment, etc.

    Most students don't spend more than a couple of hours on their online lessons. Parents round out their education with sports, music lessons, penmanship, required reading time (where the student reads for a certain amount of time but is allowed to select their own reading material), journaling, arts and crafts, etc.

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    Hi Car. I also wanted to say welcome. My son is also in 3rd grade. This is our fourth year of using Time4Learning. My son loves it as much today as he did in kindergarten. We also use Handwriting Without Tears, All About Spelling, Piano, Soccer, and Reading. My son hates to read so our deal is for every ten minutes he reads I read to him for twenty.

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    I too have a 3rd grader (and a 2nd grader), T4L has been simply AMAZING FOR US!! It's crazy how fast they can learn with this interactive method. I will explain to them their weekly/daily plan and they usually wish to continue with the lessons so by Tues. we are usually completely finished for the weeks lesson in LA, LAextentions especially! We supplement writing and math but all others including we use T4L as a core curriculum. Cheers, Sandy

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