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    Default Foreign Languages Now Available, Powered by Rosetta Stone

    Starting at the end of August, Time4Learning made available to Time4Learning members, Time4Languages! <br>
    Active Time4Learning members can add <strong>online language learning courses. </strong><a href="" target="_blank">Foreign Language Learning for Homeschoolers!</a>. There is a fee, I think it is $60 for 6 months. Languages available at launch include:<br>
    •English (American)<br>
    •Spanish (Latin American)<br>
    •Chinese (Mandarin)<br>
    To sign up, login to your <a href="" target="_blank">parent administration page</a>.<br>
    While you are there, you will notice some other benefits:<br>
    Discounts on Courses!<br>
    Discounts on a VocabularySpellingCity Membership!<br>
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