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    Default Hello from Colorado and need advice!

    Hi there - i am home schooling my 7th grader beginning TODAY! I previously home schooled her in 4th grade, but not with time4learning. She has been in a Montessori school the past couple of years and is o easily distracted that we realized this is just not the right learning environment.

    So - anyone have any advice on how to have her jump in mid year with placement/ lesson planning, etc? I just don't know where to begin! Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Hello from Colorado and need advice!

    I know that a lot of parents will look at the lesson plans to determine a good starting place. You could also have your daughter test through the beginning of the year. Take the "chapter" tests and if she passes them, you can skip that section.

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    Default Re: Hello from Colorado and need advice!


    We actually had a webinar awhile back about starting mid-year. It's available in recorded form on YouTube. Starting Homeschool Mid-Year

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