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    Red face Summer Time!!

    Who's ready for summer time?! Do you school year round or take a summer break?! We personally have always taken a break, and we enjoy that! This summer we will have reading goals of some sort so we keep that up!

    What are some of your ways to encourage your kids to read extra?!
    I have twins who are 6 and a 8 year old. My oldest doesn't love to read but its a must, I let her pick books, and I try to keep it fun but she doesn't enjoy it. My younger ones have learned to and like it but still have to have my assistance.

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    We tend to mix things up during the summer -- adding in a few unit studies, more reading and exploring indoors and out!

    I also try to attend a Homeschool Convention if possible to get recharged before the new school year! Have you seen this year's list of where Time4Learning will be?

    Time4Learning’s 2017 Homeschool Convention Itinerary

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    We have silent reading time each day. We all sit together for 30 mins with a book of our choice!

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