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    Default Oregonians, what homeschooling schedule works for you?

    I love to hear about other people's schedule for homeschooling! It gives me insight into what works for everyone else and maybe a new perspective that I could change ours up a bit!
    Do you observe holidays? All or some? Do you school M-F or skip around?


    We school year round, observe only major holidays with a break from schooling and only school M-Th. Fridays are our extra-curricular days!!

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    My twin 4 yr old twin boys just started the program yesterday and already I can see that I will need to change my original ideas of how I would handle scheduling. I orig thought they would happily go through the pre-k lessons eagerly since they love their Fun2Learn computer based learning games. However, what I have found is that one is shooting through the lessons while the other likes to go through certain lessons over and over and over again, even though he has mastered the lesson. I guess I am glad that they don't track progress in the pre-k curriculum, I would probably have concentrated too much on it. Homeschooling is a new experience for my DH and myself, and both of us have a tenancy to be overachievers scholastically. I will try to set things up at this point on a time schedule with plenty of breaks for playing outside. If they want to go on T4L evenings or on the weekends I will not schedule time for it, however I will not discourage it. I really want them to start off with the attitude that learning is fun so for now I am going to let them determine their schedule outside the 2 hours I have set up for them.

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