Struggling Community College Student
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    Hi. I am new to the forum. My son, 21, is struggling in community college. (Throughout, k-12, he was in special education courses) He wanted to get his AA in art, has passed his math college requirements already and does well in art but struggles with reading, writing and speaking. This is all related to his mod/ severe learning disability. He has MERLD- mixed expressive and receptive learning disability. I am interested in trying this program and maybe have him work in the high school or even lower level- middle school. Does anyone have any suggestions? How would I know which reading and writing level he is on?

    Thanks for your input.

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    Default Re: Struggling Community College Student

    You could have him do each of the chapter tests first, and then only do the lessons in that chapter if he did poorly on the tests. If he does well on a test, he doesn't need to do the lessons in that chapter.

    You might also consider Time4Writing, which is a separate site. The eight-week courses are taught by teachers who will give your student personalized feedback on each writing assignment.

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