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  1. Home schooling a 9th grader
  2. Homeschooling Online
  3. Just for Fun Poll !
  4. grading
  5. What do you use in addition to T4L?
  6. What do you use in addition to T4L?
  7. What subjects do you think are must haves
  8. Starting 4th grade now.
  9. Teaching Math, when you have reached the end of what your child can handle?!
  10. T4L'ers that have moved onto High School, what program you use? HELP!
  11. New and Need INFO please :)
  12. Mixing Public with Home Schooling
  13. Papers, Essays and Book Reports
  14. Learning to Type
  15. Do we actually really have to do each and every lesson to pass?
  16. Do I simply write a letter to the school district to homeschool?
  17. Need to know what info. dept. of social services is allowed and required to ask for
  18. Lesson Code?
  19. Help
  20. scheduling lessons
  21. Help!
  22. Homeschool Help
  23. My husband thinks we should homeschool all day every weekday
  24. Completely Disappointed
  25. New to this!!
  26. How long should a 3 year old work?
  27. Music Class? Help!
  28. ON Task
  29. Low Quiz/Test Scores
  30. Help Please!! Spelling and handwriting for 4th and 1st grades???
  31. Need help understanding the law in Michigan
  32. Recommendations for my 6 year old learning to read...
  33. Writing curriculum for 4th grader w/dyslexia
  34. New Comer
  35. Assignments?
  36. A homeschool activity group in Arizona?
  37. Journal?
  38. guide me pls..................
  39. Writing assignments?
  40. Third Grade Division Frustrations
  41. Homeschooling several different ages... need advice.
  42. Homeschooling 7th Grader Mid Year
  43. It's the most wonderful time of the year....
  44. Does T4L teach this for 2nd grade?
  45. Ideas for Spanish curriculum, help.
  46. Thinking of moving to another state.
  47. My 6th grader wants to be homeschooled...
  48. Help!! Any suggestions would be appreciated regarding a 5th grader....
  49. It is not getting any easier, thoughts?
  50. Post cards for kids 50 state collection
  51. Organizing my Homeschool Day
  52. New and Organization
  53. Switched on Schoolhouse....ANYBODY HAVE AN OPINION ON THIS CURRICULUM??
  54. Lesson Previewing & Planning
  55. Stuck in math
  56. Very confused on set up
  57. Dont know what to do
  58. New home school family!
  59. 7th Grade Spelling
  60. help
  61. Over thinking this? Am I missing something?
  62. Will time4learning advance to a higher level then 8th grade?
  63. can you set the 'passing' grade?
  64. How to skip sections?
  65. LA Extensions and Odyssey Writer
  66. Talking Parrot
  67. Spelling-2nd Grader
  68. help for mobile version?????????//
  69. Where is the Fertile Crescent activity?
  70. New to Homeschool & T4L
  71. 3rd grade req. reading ?
  72. New to HSing
  73. Worried, If I am overloading, He is losing interest..
  74. Concerned about grades and reports
  75. get home school for my child
  76. Time on Time4learning daily?
  77. Just started and have a question
  78. Please HELP!~Homeschool curriculum and struggling readers: Levels? Eclectic?
  79. Help!
  80. Is this curriculum strong enough as a stand alone?
  81. supplies for projects??
  82. Help plz.............
  83. Daughter's 2nd grade teacher called 5 times trying to convince me not to home school.
  84. Homeschooling 4th grader for first time, need help!
  85. Answers for Quiz
  86. Starting out, first math is too easy, can we skip some?
  87. Help me plz.
  88. Help plz..................................
  89. Anyone to guide and help here?????????????????
  90. Help plz.............
  91. Not passing quizzes and tests??
  92. Anyone familiar with 1st and 2nd grade standards for writing??? Need some advice....
  93. Are there any printable worksheets?
  94. Question concerning useing T4L with only one subject
  95. Help me in getting into site??????????????
  96. plz. help me.................
  97. Khan Academy
  98. Help me in adjusting child level?
  99. Frustrated w/ my son, help if you can.
  100. Help me in signing up??????????
  101. Hi new to group and thinking about homeschooling my second grader
  102. Pass Test!
  103. Science! Need input from middle school parents! HELP!
  104. Have you started the school year yet?
  105. So sad to be leaving :(
  106. Scheduling with multiple Children
  107. Language arts ext....??
  108. Keyboarding??
  109. Student ID
  110. Brand new to this
  111. New to homeschooling 1/2nd grade....
  112. What does your kid want to be?
  113. GRRRRRR - Vent!!!
  114. Having trouble figuring everything out...
  115. Shakespeare
  116. Please come share your Last year of Home-schooling
  117. Private Umbrella Schools in Florida
  118. Hey! Did you guys see this blog post on homeschooling?
  119. Pls. Guide me.................
  120. Help from kinder and grade 1 moms???
  121. Lesson Plan Help
  122. New here-want help in making timetable for kg and grade 2 kids???
  123. Taking the summer off ?????
  124. Will you watch my child - AGAIN!!
  125. Schedule
  126. Is learning the grade level enough?
  127. WHO Convention 2010 - Friday, June 18th 9:00 - 6:00 Saturday, June 19th 9:00 - 4:00
  128. questions on homeschooling
  129. Special needs and annual evaluation
  130. Help for an "old" friend.pretty please
  131. Do you belong to a homeschool co-op or support group?
  132. Thinking of homeschooling year round....
  133. High School special needs
  134. Achievement Testing
  135. What do they need to know to start the kindergarten curriculum?
  136. Letter per Week.......have you used this??
  137. Tracables.......help, or hinderance???
  138. Strugging
  139. Homeschooling for the last 2 months of school
  140. Suggestions for Kindergarten/Grade One
  141. Who uses Time4Learning as pretty much their entire Homeschooling Curriculum?
  142. Nervous breakdown coming soon......
  143. How much computer time is too much computer time for a 4 year old?
  144. For those of you who are teaching or have taught your children to read
  145. How often does your child socialize?
  146. We Committed
  147. Advice on Kindergarten Curriculum
  148. Going to an "information session" tonight.
  149. grading
  150. grading
  151. How do you deal with people who feel very strongly against homeschooling?
  152. moving to VT!
  153. Testing for home schoolers
  154. Check out this Online Art lesson site!!
  155. T4L base curriculum
  156. Spelling quiz recording?
  157. Just starting out and pretty nervous
  158. Hello~ Can anyone help me with a daily school work schedule? =)
  159. Registering in MI
  160. how much one on one?
  161. 4 days per week schedule?
  162. help please
  163. Questioning myself constantly...
  164. Know of a GOOD typing/keyboarding program --other than Type to Learn4?
  165. Any Cheap Supplemental Curriculums out there recommended?
  166. Having a hard time.
  167. How will this affect high school?
  168. son hasnt passed 4 out of 5 subjects
  169. Need to find out where the Grammar lessons are in 2nd Grade
  170. HOME-SCHOOLING: Socialization not a problem
  171. Level 5 Teachers Guide
  172. I'm in a pickle and need advice! Thanks!!
  173. Panic Attacks in Children
  174. Question about Level 1 Math
  175. Upper Level Science and SS questions!
  176. Dual enrollment???
  177. Help! Which lesson teaches nouns?
  178. New to hs. Need some help
  179. SCREAM
  180. Beyond Time4Learning - Suggestions for High School Options?
  181. When your child finishes a book, what do you require of them
  182. It's official. We've decided that next year we're.....
  183. New to home school and started in the middle of the year????
  184. Do I need to send a letter of withdrawel for preschool?
  185. Question about number of lessons
  186. Sending kids back to PS
  187. Anyone hs one or more children and have others in ps?
  188. How to make letter and number writing drills fun?
  189. timeline?
  190. I am just not that smart(lol)why supplement????
  191. Snowy days
  192. 6th grader getting bored...newbie to homeschooling!
  193. What is an "activity"?
  194. Toolkit
  195. Toolkit
  196. When one wants to homeschool and the other doesn't
  197. Issues with Dyslexia
  198. Have no idea where to start
  199. Need help!
  200. Test Question CONFUSING!! HELP!
  201. What is the correct age to introduce 2nd Language
  202. writing composition 5th grade
  203. Kelly! Help!
  204. Science & Social Studies
  205. Need help, were do I start???
  206. The Five Senses
  207. Curriculum schedule ideas for 5th, 4th and 3rd graders
  208. Does anyone use Teaching Textbooks?
  209. Assignments how to set up...
  210. hi, which course for a 4 year old?daily plans?
  211. Holiday Gift for Those Homeschooling or Considering It
  212. Questions..questions, new to T4L
  213. Pre-K users?
  214. Should I move my DD down to K level and son up to 1st?
  215. Just relocated back to Florida and I have a Mess !
  216. Had my county review!
  217. Starting T4L in November
  218. New and need help please!!!
  219. I was referred to social worker for pulling my daughter
  220. is there a place that I can see witch questions she got wron
  221. Multiplication tables
  222. what is the lowest % you would except on a lesson?
  223. Animation Resources?
  224. Having trouble with writing
  225. New to homeschooling, could any one offer some advice?
  226. Does anyone have a child that is several grade levels behind
  227. What's it called?
  228. Concerning amount of work
  229. What is your daily school schedule like using T4L and other.
  230. Hey, SpellingCity Users!
  231. Daily Lessons Confusion for Newbie
  232. Cirriculum Questions
  233. Son Loves T4L Math and LA .Anything like T4L for Science SS?
  234. Grammar - Scope & Seq
  235. What extras should we do besides T4L?
  236. Book Reports
  237. Help for this NEWBY to Home Schooling:)
  238. Facebook.....
  239. Hi, New here with a question
  240. LA Ext - Need Library Book for toady's Lesson!
  241. Am I doing enough?
  242. When did homeschooling start in SC?
  243. anyone else supplementing with items from currclick?
  244. How do I program in the lessons for my son?
  245. Lesson Plans ?
  246. Those of you that use Homeschool Tracker Plus?
  247. Brand new hs tribe needs a bit of help and encouragment
  248. Brand new hs tribe needs a bit of help and encouragment
  249. SS/Science/Writing for 8th grader
  250. Motivating Kids to do their Schoolwork