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  1. grandparent in ohio
  2. Close to Dayton here and new to homeschooling
  3. Hello and welcome!
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  9. testing
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  27. High School
  28. Students, Parents Celebrate Homeschooling Victory!
  29. Who's Ready For Back To School?
  30. Portfolios
  31. New Homschool Law Just for You
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  33. Ohio Homeschoolers Permitted to Participate......
  34. Senate Bill 127: Homeschooler Property Tax
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  40. Ohio State Standards
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  46. Keep the Kids Busy While You Travel
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  48. Dead Sea Scrolls at Cincinnati Museum Center
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  51. Home School Band, Orchestra & Choir Concert
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  55. new at homeschooling
  56. Standardized Testing vs Portfolio State of ohio starting T4L in Feb. 2012
  57. What do you do about end of year portfolio or testing in Ohio.
  58. Mid year Notification
  59. What testing will I need to have done, if any for the State of Ohio?
  60. New Beginnings
  61. Math/Language-8th grade T4L
  62. Math/Language-8th grade T4L
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  64. It's a Party!
  65. After school programs when homeschooling
  66. T4 a Big Ohio Intro
  67. Welcome to the Ohio State Forum!
  68. Accredited Online Public School
  69. I'm new.From Dayton,Ohio I want to homeschooling my k-garten son with special needs
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  71. Olo...I'm new! Anyone in the Dayton area?
  72. Ohio Homeschool Companion Magazine - Online Edition
  73. Pyrotechnics enrichment!
  74. Yearly Assessments for Homeschoolers
  75. Help! New to HS. How do you list T4L in your OH Notification Form?
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  78. Is homeschooling on the rise?
  79. Entrance to all 392 National Parks is FREE April 17-22nd!
  80. free summer bowling!
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  82. Socialization
  83. testing or portfolio?
  84. supplementing T4L with other materials
  85. Why do you homeschool?
  86. Online schools
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  88. Homeschooling and Graduation
  89. FREE unit study on US First Ladies
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  99. Local get-togethers
  100. Thanksgiving ideas
  101. I'm thankful for homeschooling!
  102. Fall traditions?
  103. Dayton Public Schools refuse homeschool notification letters
  104. What's your favorite fall field trip?
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  106. Is it that time already?