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Can video games teach job skills??

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, 08-26-2011 at 06:31 AM (4660 Views)
You've probably heard the research that video games can help kids with autism to develop their social skills. They also seem to help kids who have ADHD to improve their ability to stay focused on a specific task. But can playing a video game give your kids real world job skills??

My husband recently started a new job in an industry that is brand new to him. He is now working with HVAC controllers for commercial buildings. He was hired for his knowledge of programming and computers, but pretty much everything about the Air Conditioning industry is totally new to him. Everything except for the way the logic works! He has been playing a game called, "Little Big Planet 2". This game features the use of logic gates and circuit boards to create things in your "world". My husband has found these to be amazingly similar to what he is now working with. Check it out!

This capture is from an actual job my husband did recently.

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These next two are from images I was able to get of "Little Big Planet 2" online.
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Isn't it amazing the similarities in the two types of logic?? My husband said that he definitely felt that having played "Little Big Planet 2" helped prepare him to be able to better understand the logic he is now having to use in the workplace.

So next time your child wants to take a video game break and you are thinking that will be totally non-productive; think again!

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  1. fairylover's Avatar
    My son is a total video game addict. His ds goes everywhere with him. I am amazed at the hours he can spend with this thing. But when asked to do school work, he gets bored after five minutes. I wish it would help to increase his attention span.