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Growing Green Kids by Rhonda Miller

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by , 05-14-2010 at 03:00 AM (4111 Views)

First off, let's get a little lesson in "going green". If you mention "going green" to most any child, they "get it". If they watch television at all, they have been exposed to environmentalism. Environmentalism is the correct term for "going green". As defined by Wikipedia, "an environmentalist is a person who may speak out about our natural environment and the sustainable management of its resources through changes in public policy or individual behavior by supporting practices such as not being wasteful". Going green came into play because environmentalism is often represented with the color green. With that in mind, we all practice "going green" without even realizing it sometimes. Some good examples would be using cloth napkins, walking or riding a bike instead of taking the car, using scrap paper for notes and shopping lists, or using the internet for some of your homeschool lessons. Environmentalism is not a new subject. Societies have always had to deal with environmental issues and ways to make the earth a better place to live.

As already mentioned, most kids probably know more about going green than their adult counterparts. However, we can teach and implement even more ways to save the earth. Your local library has many great books available for all age groups, about ways you can help the environment be sustainable. If you don't already, you might start a recycling system at home. Look into ways to make products that you need everyday from a natural resource, or at least one that is the least abrasive to mother earth. When going on group field trips, carpool instead of taking separate vehicles. Have a green workshop or an eco-friendly field trip. Obtain used curriculum for your homeschool when possible. There are countless ideas!

One of my favorite ways to be green in homeschooling is by using online learning programs for my children. There are a lot of great sites that pack a big punch in the learning arena! By that, I am referring to the fact that most sites can be used by children with all learning styles. Best of all, children actually have fun while they learn and a lot less trees are needed for paper. Let's face it, as homeschooling parents, we know that the word "game" can be used to make anything fun. It's okay if we use a little "word play" to accomplish learning goals for our children! Speaking of word play, you might want to visit and check out the all ages word play game. There's that "game" word again!

Going green is not a hard thing to do! I do think that it is vitally important to our world, for all people to contribute to helping the environment. Start out small by just recycling one item, such as aluminum cans. When you realize the impact you can make, it's much easier to find more and more ways to help out. So, here's a call to all homeschoolers to make the world a greener place to live!

Please share your ideas on making the world greener!



  1. mcmary's Avatar
    Thanks for your thoughts. We live in a part of the country where it's easy to "go green." We have recycling bins everywhere and are able to recycle a LOT of our things by just tossing them into the correct bins. Recycled paper products, "green" cleaning products and environmentally-friendly natural personal care products are easily accessible and relatively inexpensive. In general the cars people drive here are smaller and more efficient. We were visiting friends the other day (on the other side of our state) and I noticed that they threw everything into their garbage. I didn't say anything, but it made me realize how fortunate we are to live in an area with a great recycling program. It made me wonder if I'd be as conscienscious (sp?) if I lived in an area where living green wasn't easy and expected of me. Your post made me think about the importance of having intentional conversations about our choices in caring for our world with our kids. For instance, my daughter probably doesn't realize why we only reserve paper products for occasional meals even though they are very convenient to use. I also think that if we insist on environmentally-friendly products the "big guys" will start following the demand and offer good options at more affordable prices! I am happy to notice that more and more of such products are availalbe at Costco.
  2. five_blessed's Avatar
    I can tell you that living in an area where recycling is the norm, like you do, makes it MUCH easier! I travel to the west coast (San Jose, CA) quite often and it's the norm there. Where I live in Alabama, it's not the norm at all. People throw EVERYTHING into one primary trash receptacle! It is very sad! It's all about educating people, and then I suppose, some people are not teachable. However, as a general rule, people are receptive to change if they know it is for their own good. So, I guess we still have a lot of teaching to do in my area. I do try to make my kids very conscious of recycling and helping out mother earth in all the ways possible. It's really not a hard thing to do! Thanks for your comments! Happy Going Green!