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Grammar Goodies

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by , 04-11-2011 at 08:46 AM (8658 Views)
blog/hearthstone_academy/attachments/1608-grammar-goodies-grammar.jpgTime4Learning's core language arts program is one of the most popular parts of the curriculum. By interacting with hilarious animated characters, students study vocabulary, reading comprehension, and more.

But, where are the grammar lessons? When parents ask this, they are usually referring to a study of parts of speech and punctuation. Where, in the Time4Learning program, do students learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives, periods, commas, and quotation marks?

That's where the language arts extension activities come in! While the core language program takes a whole language approach to learning, the extension activities focus on one topic at a time.

By accessing the lesson plans, parents find that parts of speech and punctuation are covered in the following chapters in the third through eighth grade language arts extensions:

Third Grade - Chapter 3
Fourth Grade - Chapter 2
Fifth Grade - Chapter 2
Sixth Grade - Chapter 1
Seventh Grade - Chapter 7
Eighth Grade - Chapters 7, 11, and 12

First and second graders are introduced to punctuation during their reading fluency exercises. At this stage, the focus is on learning to read, so punctuation is presented as a tool the student can use to read more fluently. The punctuation lessons in first and second grade are:


General Idea or Review of Punctuation - 316, 341, 351
Periods - 321
Question Marks - 331
Quotation Marks - 336
Exclamation Marks - 336, 346


Periods - 369
Question Marks - 376
Quotation Marks - 390
Exclamation Marks - 397
Periods and Exclamation Marks - 404
Question Marks and Quotation Marks - 411
Commas - 432
Commas and Question Marks - 502

If my students need to work on some aspect of grammar, I never hesitate to assign lessons at a level that is different than their "real" grade. The Activity Finder makes it easy to access lessons at various levels.
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