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Love Those Animated Science Lessons!

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by , 03-28-2011 at 08:35 PM (8812 Views)
My kids love Time4Learning science . . . even the text-based lessons. While most of the science lessons past second grade aren't animated, they ARE interactive, which is something the textbooks they've used in the past couldn't claim. My children enjoy being able to click on a word to hear it defined or pronounced, being treated to an occasional audio file or animation, and receiving immediate feedback when they answer comprehension questions.

There are a handful of animated activities mixed in with the text-based science lessons. Some families really NEED (or highly desire) animated lessons for science. This includes those with challenged readers, auditory learners, or reluctant students. It could also include families who choose another curriculum for science, but would like to use the animated science lessons as a supplement.

Here is a list of all the animated science lessons, along with their lesson activity numbers. Your student can access them by inputting the number into the activity finder. I've found that the suggested grade level can usually be ignored, as the difference between levels is based more on content rhan on "difficulty".

A note: All of the first and second grade science lessons are animated. This list includes the animated lessons for grades three through six.

Universe and Galaxies, #40802
Hoopin' Up the Solar System, #40799
Mission to Mercury, #40804
Voyage to Venus, #40810
Mapping Mars, #40803
Journey to Jupiter, #40807
Saturn: The Ringed Planet, #40805
Uranus: The Odd Planet, #40806
Pluto: The Double Planet, #40809
Name Trek, #40797 (naming planets)

Body Systems:
Digestion, Step by Step, #40801
What Should I Eat?, #40811
Mission Control: The Nervous System, #40813
Work Those Muscles, #40814
No Bones About It, #40815

Earth Science:
Forces that Change Landforms, #34003
Weathering Heights, #34012
Erosion, #34011
Recycling Party, #34011
Keep on Spinning, #34032

Animal Science:
Show Some Backbone, #40798 (vertebrates)
Magic 8 Ball, #34013 (environments)
Frozen Room Theory, #34033 (animal adaptation)
Adaptations, #34035
Changing With the Season,#34038
Extinction Blues, #34034

Dinosaurs and Related:
Trip to the Triassic, #34029
Chillin' in the Cretaceous, #34030
Journey to the Jurassic, #34031
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