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5 Easy Tips to Get it All Done Without Losing Your Mind

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by , 10-03-2012 at 11:58 AM (3751 Views)
5 Easy Tips to Get it All Done Without Losing Your Mind...
by Jamie

Can you feel it? I do... sometimes it overwhelms me... you know what I mean? Sure... that old enemy stress! I battle that monster more often than I would care to relate. However, in the past several months things have begun to happen to make me realize what a waste of time worry and allowing myself to stress can be. I had let myself believe that I have to do something a certain way, or that I must get it done by a certain time. All the while I was self inflicting stress on my life. "I" was my worst enemy -not the things that needed done. In the past two years my family, friends, and God have helped me to realize that it isn't healthy to think that way. Yet, as in everything in this life there is a healthy balance. I don't need to succumb to ultimate laziness, but I also am not required to put this pressure on myself. I home school for goodness sake!! Isn't that the whole point? So, here's what I've been trying to apply to my life in these past few months. Granted, I'm not perfect and I sometimes jump right back in that awful rut... but it's a battle that I am dedicated to fighting for myself and my family!

1) God and family first. I can't let homeschooling or social engagements rule my life. The schedule can't be my god. I have to focus on the positive and lovely things in my life, because there is where I can find strength and joy.
2)Make time to cultivate the important relationships in your life. I have six children, a husband, family, and a few very dear friends that I have to choose to make specific individualized time to cultivate our relationships. This is where we find happiness.
3)Make homeschooling the tool it was designed to be. Like I said before, I cannot let homeschooling rule my world. It is designed as a tool to help me and my family... and that is where I need to keep it.
4) Keep things organized...On a practical note, I feel less overwhelmed when I can find and work with the resources that I have. When I am disorganized it takes me twice as long to do simple tasks because I often cannot find the things that I need to complete the task at hand - this goes for my personal and homeschooling life.
5) Have a schedule and a calendar you can go to easily. I have three part time jobs, homeschool 6 children, and pastor's wife duties... there is no way that I could keep my mind without using a calendar. What works best for us is to use a calendar that I can print and share with the rest of the family. Then each of us knows what to expect and when to expect it!