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Back to School...with a Senior...

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by , 08-22-2012 at 08:57 AM (4779 Views)
Back to School... with a Senior...
by Jamie

Yep... that's me... trying to get back to school anyway! I have to admit that I have been worrying myself to death over schooling a Senior this year! I have six children - 4 of them under age 11 and two teens. My oldest will graduate this year, and my second daughter is a freshman... two in... high school! I think I have been procrastinating a bit because of the mental gymnastics that I knew I would have to complete to organize a course of study for both of them. Yet, I attempted to climb that mountain yesterday... and after 9 hours of work I think that I have a program put together that will really work for them.

A few weeks ago I found this great homeschooling college link on the facebook page of Let's Home School High School. It looked interesting so I began exploring. Since my daughter is graduating a little early from high school, we thought that we would take it easy with college and find some alternative ways to get credit. This website hit a home run in that department. By utilizing CLEP testing, free online college courses, and online text books we were able to put together a course of study that should fit perfectly... and did I mention most of it was free? I just started working on my second daughter's as well. I am putting their assignments onto a spreadsheet, including links to all the textbooks and video lectures that we will be using, and then requiring them to check off their assignments as they complete them. ...Freedom to schedule their day as they wish, but a little accountability thrown in...


  1. Jennifer@HCUSA's Avatar
    I love the idea of utilizing a spreadsheet to put together your kids' assignments. I'm going to link to you over on the HC USA blog. Thanks for the "mention" here!
  2. Unregistered's Avatar
    public high school. I may have my senior watch some of those Government and Economic videos to supplement his classes. Thanks for the