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Back to School Tips for Organizing Your Homeschool

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by , 08-15-2012 at 07:01 AM (3504 Views)
Back to School Tips for Organizing Your Homeschool
by Jamie

Last week I shared how we review and try to improve our homeschooling technique each year. This week, I'd like to give you a chance to "peek in our window" and see just what we do the few weeks before we start back to school.

1) We begin preparing by completely cleaning out our school room. We spend hours there each day, so a deep cleaning and a serious rearranging do much to freshen our perspective.

2) I go through all curriculum and supplies. Curriculum that didn't fly for our home school may still be golden for someone else. I take advantage of this and sell it! I can then reinvest that money in something useful for us. I also go through my schooling stash. I keep a "store" of sorts of all different types of school supplies. From notebooks to glue sticks to pencils. I have six children, so be aware that I am buying for large quantities... however, I usually buy about 10 -4packs of glue sticks, about 10 to 15 packs of mechanical pencils (quantity of 10 in each), 20 spiral bound notebooks, about 15 pocket folders, pencil boxes, rulers, and binders. I try to estimate how many I will need over the course of the year, because it is SO much cheaper to buy it all now... than it will be in a few months! I keep all my supplies in a closet in which I have those hanging sweater shelves. My supplies fit nicely on the shelves (bending a little at the beginning of the year.

3) I set up each child with their own little cubby. Over the years I've used many different types of "cubbies." Last year I bought these plastic flexible tub looking things that seem to work really great. They keep all of their books and notebooks and supplies in these cubbies and then when they need something they know just where to look.

4) I organize my teaching supplies so that I can easily get to them throughout the week or day. I often keep my most used books on a bookshelf right beside my chair in our schoolroom. I keep teacher manuals, texts, notebooks, my calendar, and my ipad right at hand so that I can work when I get a chance.

5) Make sure to plan ahead for what your children need to be learning. I have heard pros and cons of both sides of this debate. Some say let them pursue their passions, others say they should be following the state standards. My view is simple... determine what they want to be or do... and then pursue whatever it is they need to accomplish that. If this means college, then make sure that you are feeding them courses that will prepare them for their future in college, if it is a trade then find courses that will help them prepare for that trade. You hold the key to their success, and your help in this can make all the difference. (For more info on homeschooling high school... click the link!)


  1. nicole_lynette's Avatar
    I've been doing a lot of planning for our upcoming year and I guess it just didn't dawn on me to go through our school stuff and reorganize! I also like the idea of a cubby for each kid with their supplies handy. Thanks for the great tips!