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, 09-18-2012 at 06:47 AM (9010 Views)
Are your kids learning a foreign language? How did you decide which one they should tackle?

I had tried to teach my kids Spanish back when they were all much younger. Unfortunately, I didn't stick with it. I found Spanish to be too frustrating for myself. You see I took several semesters of French in college and my mom tells me that I was learning French when I was in Kindergarten. My mouth just wants to say the Spanish words with a French accent.

Now that my kids are older and my oldest is in High School, they are back to learning a foreign language. My son has to have it to graduate, so I decided they might as well learn it together since they will all eventually have to have it anyway.

So I found Power Glide French at a local used book sale for a great price. I bought extra workbooks and even got one for myself thinking that I would brush up on my French as well. I spent time over the summer making lesson plans for the French curriculum. I was feeling excited about having my kids learn it. Then we did our first week of school and my kids were begging me to let them learn Spanish instead. Oy!

Thankfully, I still had that old Spanish curriculum sitting on my shelf! It works just as well for older students as it does for younger ones. So I busted out some lesson plans for it and my kids will be starting to learn Spanish this week. We may even include some of the games from Learning Games For Kids and

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  1. epperlyfamily2012's Avatar
    Yes, I am teaching both my kids(12 and 7.5) Spanish. I took Spanish in HS and college(long time ago) and we live in a neighborhood with some hispanics, so I knew they would have plenty of opportunities to practice(dd's friend's mom loves it already!) I got books from Barnes and Noble and use them for both of them, and daughter also takes it at co-op and son will starting next month(I'm teaching his session!) I feel the younger you start them the better. My son is picking up words like a sponge! Daughter is doing well since she can read the lessons herself(English/Spanish) and works on her own alot but asks me for clarification if necessary(besides at co-op).
  2. Andy's Avatar
    If you are in the Mebane area there is a great French teacher that works with home schoolers. Her website: [url=]Learn French the Fun Way - French Lessons and tutoring for Mebane, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Burlington, Raleigh and Durham North Carolina - NC[/url]

    Unlike public school programs the kids actually learn French!!