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Brand New Cyber Book Club!

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by , 09-18-2010 at 03:27 PM (3561 Views)

The Way They Learn--Cynthia Tobias
Find your child's learning style

Time4Learning is thrilled and excited to announce a brand new project put together for the sole purpose of helping our families get the most out of their home education experience - a “Cyber Book Club”!

Have you ever read a great book, been inspired, but before you had a chance to implement anything, life came in and took over? Do you find yourself dreaming, but not doing? The truth is, reading a book by yourself will never have the impact that discussing a book with other readers can bring to the table. The value of a cyber book club is that you have the advantage of engaging in discussions with other readers without ever leaving your home. Come join us as we begin this new adventure on Wednesday the 27th. There is no cost to participate (but you must purchase your own books).

We are kicking our Cyber Book Club off with, The Way They Learn by Cynthia Tobias. This is an incredible and popular book dedicated to helping us discover our children's learning styles, as well as our own, and then how to apply what we've learned so that we can help our children get the most out of their daily education.

To register for our forum class, simply visit our forum and R.S.V.P. (If you are not a member it will only take a minute to register and it's FREE) Once you sign up, you will want to purchase a copy of the book or check one out of your library right away to make sure you are ready for our first day of class.

Our Cyber Book Club Moderator will be our very own MamaMary. Mary has been homeschooling since the late 90's and is the mother of four sons, all of whom have their own style of learning. After falling in love with their web-based curriculum, she now works closely with Time4Learning. In addition, she is the chairwoman of one of the largest homeschool support groups in the State of Florida and is also the founder of SWSH, an online support group dedicated to helping families learn how to pursue a strengths-based homeschool/lifestyle.

Come join us as we uncover and discover our children's learning styles!

The discussion start the week of September 27th with the first chapter of the book.

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  1. jpenn's Avatar
    Awesome! Thanks, Mary.
  2. five_blessed's Avatar
    Ditto! I LOVE a good book club! You're right! Others can bring things to the table that, alone, you would never have thought of! Thanks!