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There are many homeschooling options.

  1. Twelve Days of Christmas Fun! by Rhonda Miller

    by , 12-03-2010 at 03:00 AM (Homeschool Online Blog)

    There's a lot of hustle and bustle as we have officially begun the Christmas holiday season. Children delight in the sights and sounds of the biggest holiday of the year. Okay, I'll have to admit that I enjoy it as much as the next kid! There's just something magical about putting up the
  2. Finding the Bulls Eye in the fog of homeschooling

    by , 11-17-2010 at 01:01 AM (Homeschool Online Blog)
    Finding the Bulls eye in the fog of homeschooling
    By Jamie

    Goals…. targets… the Bulls eye…objectives… directions…

    Sometimes it is really hard to know where we are supposed to be going with this thing called homeschooling. There are so many options – so many factors – that finding the bulls eye – or even the target for that matter is very difficult. Yet, the old saying ...
  3. Latin isn't Mortuus!

    by , 11-12-2010 at 03:00 AM (Homeschool Online Blog)

    Translation--Latin isn't Dead! I'm sure that doesn't surprise most of you. It's the language of medicine, science, and the law. Yet, most schools have stopped teaching Latin. As a result, literacy levels have declined a great deal.

    The study of Latin confers certain benefits. First of all, Latinate vocabulary is very important in English. It is widely used in literary contexts and in modern scientific nomenclature. A person with a broad understanding of Latin

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  4. All Work and No Play?

    by , 11-10-2010 at 04:52 AM (Homeschool Online Blog)
    All Work and No Play...
    by Jamie

    Ever get stressed because your 8 year old won't punctuate his essay? Ever had a day when getting a math concept across to the children was nigh to impossible? Are you concerned when the history lesson required more mental capacity than you had left? I have these days - many of them!

    In fact, those are the days that prompt me to write posts like last week's post! Yet, when we have one of these "Rocky Road" days, I like to ...

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  5. Running into the brick wall...

    by , 10-27-2010 at 12:34 AM (Homeschool Online Blog)
    Running into the Brick Wall...
    by Jamie
    Ok… let’s face it…homeschooling is great... but homeschooling isn’t easy! We, as homeschooling parents, are the teacher, get to spend all day with our little cuties(and actually want to), have the freedom to work on our own schedule, and even review or re teach subjects in order to help our children learn. Yet, there are times when we run out of ...

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