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by , 03-30-2012 at 08:09 AM (1621 Views)
This week I taught a gardening class to about 15 homeschoolers. It was so much fun. We made pots out of newspapers. The kids all seemed to enjoy making the pots but then they weren't really sure they would hold up. I also provided peat pots and tiny paper cups to start seeds in.

I showed the kids how to read the instructions on the back of the seed packets. We learned that each seed has to be planted at a different depth. Each seed also has different needs as far as water and sunlight. Then we talked about the difference between heirloom seeds and seeds that have been mutated. "Can you say 'Monsanto'? Monsanto is the bad guy." I taught them about the importance of using heirloom seeds or seeds that you know where they come from. We talked about why you do not want to use seeds that have been infected with herbicides and pesticides. Some people are very allergic to these additives. I can not eat a peach that has pesticides on it. I can not even pick it up long enough to put it in a bag at the grocery store.

I think it was a great afternoon of learning and planting and having fun with friends. Now that we have our seeds all planted, we're ready for summer to come on. After all these 70 degree days we have been having, they are forecasting snow for this weekend. Can you believe it? The month started in the 60's and 70's and is ending up with snow. I guess March really does go out like a lion if it comes in like a lamb.

Have you started planting anything in your garden yet? Do you use gardening as a teaching tool for your kids?


  1. mamaneedham's Avatar
    I love to have my kids help me in the garden! The weather has been so warm that we're able to start early this year. We just got the garden tilled and we'll be planting soon. Taking part in gardening helps kids to realize food doesn't come from the grocery store; it comes from plants and animals....and FARMS! I love the pot made of newspaper - I need to try that out!