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How Not to Help Your Child Catch Up!

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, 04-10-2012 at 07:02 AM (3346 Views)
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About a week or so ago, Jamie blogged about the reluctant learner. I thought it might be helpful to share my own experience with my reluctant learner. Maybe it will be an encouragement to someone.

It pains me to admit it, but all 3 of my children are behind in math. Part of this is my fault. I've struggled to find the right math program to teach them. Also, math has never been my forte. It is not entirely my fault though. My kids need to take some of the blame for not wanting to do the lessons I've given them to do.

My oldest son is the furthest behind. He is in 8th grade and still learning multiplication. In a desperate attempt to help him move ahead in math, I signed him up for an online math class through our state virtual school. The class I signed him up for is a 6th grade level course. However, he is fighting to keep not even to keep up, but to catch up! Thanks to my busy schedule and his reluctance to do the work, he is 18 weeks behind. Dropping the course is no longer an option. His teacher is bending over backwards to help him.

His dad has stepped in to help him get caught up and to understand the concepts he is learning. There have been a lot of tears and will probably be more tears! However, God willing, we WILL get through this!

I would NOT recommend my approach to anyone. We would gladly drop this course and pursue a less painful way to get this child up to speed, if that were an option. Now for some practical tips on how to inspire the reluctant learner without falling into the trap I've created for myself, check out Jamie's post!

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  1. Unregistered's Avatar
    Try Math u see, My son had the same problem, we took a break from everything and only did math for three months. He has really turned it around.
  2. Dee's Avatar
    Yeah, we used to do Math U See. I think we still have the stuff for it. Might be worth looking back into. Hmmmm
  3. Mandy in TN's Avatar
    Another vote for MUS- especially if you already own it! The way MUS is designed makes it well suited for accelerating through the material.
  4. Unregistered's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Dee;bt1014]Yeah, we used to do Math U See. I think we still have the stuff for it. Might be worth looking back into. Hmmmm[/QUOTE]

    If you do decide to give Math-U-See another try, feel free to call in and talk to a Curriculum Counselor. Many of them taught the program to their own children and are happy to lend a sympathetic ear as well as share ideas that they've heard worked for others in a similar situation or worked for their own children.