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Finding Your Perfect Match - Homeschooling Special Needs

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by , 07-11-2012 at 04:30 AM (3515 Views)
Finding Your Perfect Match - Homeschooling Special Needs
by Jamie

In all of my years of homeschooling I have yet to come across one single curriculum that provides everything I need for each of my six children. I typically find a curriculum that fits well and that we love that works for only part of our education picture. Yet, with each family and each child within that family there are different needs that must be addressed when seeking learning tool that is a "perfect match."

A few things to keep in mind while looking for a curriculum for your special needs child are:

1) It is vitally important to find a curriculum or learning method that meets or accomodates your child's learning pace.

2) The curriculum must be able to build on a child's schemata - or existing knowledge.

3) It should allow for the child to be placed at varying levels between different subjects.

4) The curriculum should be engaging and motivating. If it piques their interest they will stick with it.

5) It should never frustrate the child. If a curriculum or method of learning frustrates the child, then learning will be impossible.

In most of the research and testimonies it appears that online learning broadly reaches children with varying disabilities. It is often the key that turns them on to learning.

With each family and each individual child, there is a curriculum or method of homeschooling that can be your "perfect match." Whether combined with other learning tools or used alone, it out there just waiting for you!
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