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Homeschool Record Keeping

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by , 08-03-2011 at 01:32 AM (12393 Views)
Homeschool Record Keeping
by Jamie

I don't want to break your bubble - but we've got to talk. From detailed organizers to free stylers… no matter what your “style” may be… record keeping is a must for the homeschooler! My journey in record keeping over the past 7 years of homeschooling has evolved dramatically. I started out as a very particular “school teacher” type of homeschooler. I thought that I had to have each of my children sitting in a school desk in a room that looked just like a school classroom with a grade book in which to record each of their grades. Six children later... and I have realized that is simply a distant dream that didn’t fit the reality of our life.

Though keeping records and maintaining grades (which really grayed my hair – ha! Had to throw in that homophone…) have always been important to me, I realized that it didn’t have to be “school style” to be correct. For example, we don’t always take the accompanying tests that go with a curriculum. Sometimes, we just do all the projects and scrap book the text book. I grade them for their comprehension and grasp of the material as evidenced through their scrap book.
Using Time4Learning has also helped tame the “grade tiger” (grayed would fit here as well!). When my child takes a test on T4L the grades are recorded and saved. I no longer have to grade papers, record the grades, or even worry about them. Essentially, we work through the subjects that we decide to study each year. If it isn’t on Time4Learning or Spelling City, then I will assign some type of assessment – project, experiment, or even a written assignment. We keep everything in spiral notebooks, and at the end of the year the children turn those in to me. I review them and then grade them according to standards. I keep the notebooks for several years as proof of what they accomplished.
Finally, I record all of my children’s grades on a grade book template that I found in Microsoft Word, and each child gets a report card for the year. (This comes in handy if you like to take them to Chucky Cheese… free tokens for good report cards…) So, whether you love intricate organization or just keep a “messy” collection of your children’s papers over the year… remember that keeping comprehensive records of your homeschooling is very important. The important thing is to find a method that fits your style of homeschooling, and then be consistent. You and your children are doing a lot of work, investing a lot of time, make sure you keep some evidence. It isn’t how you do it that is so important, but that you do it!