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Battling Negativity in Your Homeschool

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by , 09-19-2012 at 10:21 AM (4422 Views)
Battling Negativity in Your Homeschool
by Jamie

Sure, homeschooling is an awesome way to educate, but it isn't always perfect! Homeschooling for the most part can be a relaxing and enjoyable time for most of the family, yet there are times when negativity for one reason or another can rule the day.

Battling this rush of negative thinking is the first thing on the agenda. If we give in to negative thoughts of our own, or let negative thinking fester in our children the problem will only get worse. A good rule of thumb is to make a simple verbal warning, and then wait to see if the negativity goes away. If it doesn't you may need to have a "big" talk. Whenever negativity occurs, there is usually a reason for it. Something may have happened, your child may not be feeling well; whatever the reason if you can get to the bottom of it and help them over it - the negativity will probably stop. A caring listening ear is sometimes all they are needing.

In addition, it's wise to encourage the other children to NOT respond when someone is negative. For some reason, negativity breeds like rabbits! If one of my children is having a bad day and is really negative, all it takes is an abrasive negative comment to pull other siblings down. Teach your children to ignore negative comments, and attempt to return them with a positive remark. This works like a blanket on a fire... it amazing.

Finally, we as parents/teachers are the role model - the example, if you will. It's up to us to teach them how to be positive, AND how to read, write, etc. It's always healthy to live in a positive atmosphere, and as the leaders in our home it is up to us to model this behavior. Sure - it isn't easy when you carry the heavy load of the home and school on your shoulders, but no one expects you to be a sunbeam every second of every day. Children understand this, but the normal day to day routine can be improved by leaps and bounds if we can simply face things with a positive - can do - attitude!
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