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HSO Blog Carnival--The Organized Homeschool

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, 01-17-2012 at 09:02 AM (9381 Views)
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So, did you know that January is officially “Get Organized” month? That’s probably pretty timely when you figure just how many of us have created New Year’s resolutions with some form of the word “ORGANIZE” in them. And we homeschoolers - - especially - - have more than a few things lying around the house that we’d like to bring order to, don’t we? So this 316th week of the Carnival of Homeschooling is going to be dedicated to tips and tricks that homeschoolers can use to curb the chaos and get organized for 2012!! Shall we get started???

Organizing Your Schedule

Tip: A schedule is great to keep a homeschooling house flowing smoothly. Yet, often our schedules can get bogged down by stuff that really doesn’t need to be done. Make more room for family, friends, and homeschooling by taking a critical look at your calendar. Then make it mobile. If you have a smart phone, use the calendar feature and set it to notify you in advance of upcoming dates. You can even use your phone for your grocery lists! If you just don’t care for electronics, try a small purse size planner. It’s great for scheduling without error while you are on the go.

Panda Honeybee shares with us about “Reflecting on my Decision” - a post about her decision to be an accidental homeschooler. Reviewing what you’ve done, and how far you’ve come is a great way to keep the cobwebs out of your homeschool.

Laura in How The “10,000 Hour” Rule Can Benefit Any Child shares with us how using the time that children are not waiting to change classes, take attendance, and doing homework, they are able to master activities or skills that they are interested in. This develops eager lifetime learners and innovative thinkers.

Organizing Your Curriculum

Tip: Having a plan helps you and your students know where you are going. It can be as easy as jotting down what you want your child to accomplish each day in a spiral bound notebook and then using a dated stamp to show when it was done.

Could the biggest help to your non-reluctant writer be the willingness to simply not push them into it? Shannon, over at Never a Desperate Housewife, shares how holding back has actually helped him to look forward to creative writing.

Angela presents Time for Science - Team Gray! posted at team Gray!, saying, "I take for granted all the science that goes on in our daily lives. Maybe it's time to stop chopping life up into subject areas?"

Looking for an innovative way to use flashcards? Misty tells us Quizlet is an amazing Flashcard Resource for learning almost anything posted at Homeschool Bytes.

Want to get your art program up and running.? Here is some great inspiration on a combination of science and art with Freezing Art blogged about by Miss Nirvana at Nirvana Homeschooling.

Wondering how to organize in some technology with your regular curriculum? Jenafer gives an awesome and easy way for kids to create video in Easy Stop Motion Videos and a Challenge Activity over at Cage Free Monkeys.

Christine from Our Curious Home shares a delightful list of funny and sometimes accurate descriptions of How to Proctor and algebra exam at my house (if you are me).

Organizing Your Activities

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Tip: Most of us too often say “yes” to much more than we really can handle. Take a minute to review your weekly schedule, and pull out every thing that really isn’t a necessity. Once you’ve streamlined your week according to what must be done... look at how it’s planned out. Do you run to the store 3-4 times a week? Could you organize your grocery list to help you save time by only making a trip once a week? Try that with other things as well!

Sometimes we just need to add some fun to our schedule! Annette and her son take some time to go Skating and more posted at A Net in Time.

Understanding the modern “texting” language is an interesting development in our society...Selena at Phone Service suggests 10 Acronyms I Wish Would Catch on For Texting.

Want to add some magic to your household activities? Give it a try with 10 Magic Tricks any Child Can Learn submitted by Debbie over at Nannynet.

Learn the 10 things Tom Sawyer would have tweeted about from Kate over at Internet Service where she presents 10 Awesome Sites About Old School Cartoons. Our your favorite childhood cartoons on there.

Sabrina at Seven Sisters writes about How to Write a Progressive Story What a great idea for helping reluctant writers get involved in the story writing process.

Dave, from Homeschool Dad, give a great review of the movie War Horse in War Horse: A Review of a Prescreening. Sounds like a good movie to see.

Michele at "More of Jesus, Less of Michele" gives us hope that it IS possible to loose weight even as a homeschool mom in her post Still Day .

Annie who authors Tea Time with Annie Kate tells us the changes that she made in her homeschool mid year and why in her post Mid Year Changes.

Organizing Your Household

Tip: Pick a room or area of the house you would like to see more organized and write down the original purpose of that room and then make a list of the main activities that take place in that area and compare the two. Would it be possible to re-purpose that area once you see how it is naturally utilized? What items in your house could you rearrange or reposition to make better use of this area?

Ever thought about organizing your home to be able to homestead? Carol presents us with an interview... Meet Kelly Morris of the Morris Tribe - part 1 and really sets up some homesteading inspiration at Everything Home with Carol.

Organizing our home to be able to cook with our children is also a great way to inspire them or give them A Sense of Accomplishment.Rose from Learning at Home relates her own personal triumph with using her kitchen to let her daughter shine.

At Babysitting Jobs, Paul talks about The 20 most Oddly Named Crayon Colors. "Coloring crayons are one of the best and least expensive things invented to keep children of all ages occupied. Generations of kids have spent countless hours with crayons and color books or blank pieces of paper."

Music can energize you and your child. Chris blogs about this at Homeschool vs. Public School in her post Using Music's Energy in Your Homeschool. We can use this to wake up the mind and body on those days when the blah's attack.

Organizing Your Thoughts

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Tip: It’s important to remember in all this organizing that we all organize differently. Some of us are constantly making lists and checking them twice. Others make highly detailed schedules and follow them. The important thing is to find what works for YOU. Lastly, don’t try to take on organizing your entire life all at once. Take one area and work on that for a week or even a month, then once you feel that you’ve got that area “in hand” move on to the next.

Jamie over at MomSchool shares a great article with us on the Power of Praise. She reminds us to take the time to praise our children. She also reminds us to make the praise specific.

Nak introduces us to the concept of Commonplacing a journaling technique employed by Charlotte Mason as well as many of our forefathers and mothers. Her post Silva Rerum - Commonplacing as a Habit can be found at Sage Parnassus.

Ever get Unsolicited Advice? Pamela at Blah, Blah, Blog shares ways we can organize our thoughts to be prepared to handle the not so great comments.

Alexander over at CTK Insights, presents Thought Provokers to Start a Class With, V He says, "Simple but unusual math problem that admits an intuitive solution that is hard to make rigorous".

We homeschool so the world will be comprehensible by our children. Why Homeschool ponders this and other ideas. Henry shares about this in his post We Homeschool So the World will Be...another reason why they homeschool: so their children will understand cause and effect.

Beverly at Homeschooling Blog announces the 2012 Homeschooling Readers' Choice Awards. The Readers' Choice Awards showcase the best products, features and services in dozens of categories across all of Nominations will be accepted starting Jan. 18, 2012. Voting will take place from Feb. 22 through March 21 with winners announced March 30.

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    I enjoyed your layout of the carnival, and especially the illustrations
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    The freezing art and stop motion video posts are awesome things I want to try with my kiddos... great articles... great carnvial... THANKS!!
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    I can't wait to try the Progressive Writing thing the next time our homeschool group meets together. I think this will really help my reluctant writer.
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    Thank you for putting together this week's carnival. I love seeing so many posts.