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  1. Ghastly Grammar

    by , 02-09-2010 at 12:15 PM (Homeschool Online Blog)
    Grammar can be challenging, as students' incorrect responses to these exam questions illustrate.

    Question: Name two parts of speech.
    Answer: Throat and tongue.

    Question: Correct the sentence, "It was me that has broken the window."
    Answer: It wasn't me that has broken the window.

    Question: Give an example of a collective noun.
    Answer: A garbage can

    Question: Define "first person".
    Answer: Adam

  2. Filling in the Gaps

    by , 02-08-2010 at 04:00 AM (Homeschool Online Blog)
    Have you ever felt that writing is one of the most difficult subjects to homeschool? No matter what curriculum you use, there always seem to be cracks in the plaster where some writing rule or technique falls through. My oldest son was in seventh grade before I realized that he almost never broke up his paragraphs. He could make his writing come alive, and it was interesting to read, so it wasn’t until he started printing ...
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