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It's Time For Military School

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by , 11-09-2012 at 08:00 AM (10623 Views)
"AAAaaahhh! We are having a "that's it! Tomorrow it's off to the military academy!" sort of day. Homeschooling sucks. I suck. Everything sucks....
Aha. Who wants to write a little homeschooling blues with me?"
This is the first post I saw this morning when I opened my facebook page. Yesterday I received a text message from another friend. "If his eye rolling doesn't stop soon, I fear his retina may become damaged. I never thought my bright Darling boy could be such a nudge. My blood pressure is thru the roof. I see military school in his future...."

Another mom on facebook, "
sounds like a similar conversation that N and I were having today."

And one more mom, "
as of this morning, I was enrolling mine in school. I almost went down for the paperwork. One good class later and the internet and we are back to sanity. Hang in there."

Yesterday at my house, "If you don't want to do your school work with m
e, you can just go to school. I don't care any more."
Certainly makes me wonder what's going on with these children. I know the weather has been bad. All of the families in these scenarios had spent several days with power during Hurricane Sandy. Now we were stuck in the house due to a horrible snow storm with high winds and the threat of more power outages.
Our children are not coping well with these living conditions. We as moms are not coping with these conditions. So what do we do? As the one mom above said, "One good class later and the internet and we are back to sanity. Hang in there." Someone else told those moms on facebook, "
take a bath? Have some tea? read a book? Dance? {{{hugs}}}.
What do you do when you are just having one of those days when life is just too overwhelming to think let alone teach your children? I was seriously considering an afternoon at Chuck E Cheese yesterday to get through this. But the roads were too icy to go out.

Fortunately it is a better day today. The snow is melting. They are predicting sun for tomorrow. The temperatures are rising again. I think it's going to be okay.

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  1. pandahoneybee's Avatar
    I know that I have went thru this with my boys several times over the past 5 years...when it happens to us we stop homeschooling for a couple of days to a week. I have them do art or chores they don't just get it off I mean that way
  2. Mandy in TN's Avatar
    Yeah, I don't know what is in the water, but the little man is basically refusing to get things done. I just logged on and re-enrolled in T4L. LOL
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