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It's Too Hot To Think

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by , 07-15-2011 at 05:15 AM (3643 Views)
What's everyone been working during these hot, hot, hot, lazy summer days? I don't know about you but I don't want to just forget about school for the summer. But it really is too hot to think some days. The other day I tried to get Dakota to do something and he told me that his brain hurt.

We are still doing some of our field trips. Yesterday we took a class about School in the 1840's. We learned that only the rich kids went to school for the most part. And then it was frequently only the boys. We also learned that when girls did go to school they studied things like French and Music and Art while the boys learned about Science and Math and things like that. The best part of the day for Dakota was writing with a quill pen and a bottle of ink. He has tennis class today. Next week we are going berry picking with our favorite homeschool group.

While trips like that are lots of fun and educational. I still try to get him to focus a bit on actual written work. Unfortunately he really is not interested. Sometimes I can get him to play some nature games online. Sometimes he will play a really fun math game. The games that I think are the most fun are the word unscramble games. My wonderful son will have nothing to do with them. I think to him they are too much like reading and spelling, two subjects that he totally hates. I keep trying to get him interested in them. Since we are going on a cross country train ride next month, he will do a tiny bit of geography. He loves learning about the states we will be riding through. As long as he is learning something I really don't care what it is.

Mostly my little man just wants to play with his friends and drink lemonade. He told me today that pink lemonade is his favorite. Many, a nice big ice cold glass sure would taste good right now.

So what are you doing to make use of the summer? Do you have any favorite activities or places to visit? What is the most refreshing drink you enjoy during these hot days?


  1. MamaMary's Avatar
    That pink lemonade picture looks SO good! I love to make a big picture of cold water with sliced lemon. My boys are taking the summer off and playing with all their friends who are out of school while I do a major spring cleaning of our school room and house.
  2. hearthstone_academy's Avatar
    Our homeschool co-op usually doesn't have summer activities, but one mom stepped up and arranged a field trip to the Pepsi plant! We attended yesterday. It was a terrific field trip for a hot July day . . . because they had coolers of soft drinks for all the kids after the field trip! I thought there might not be a very good turnout, because our group isn't used to summer field trips, but it was very well-attended, and super interesting!

    So . . . we're drinking Pepsi these days! (Diet for me . . . )
  3. emmaflygirl's Avatar
    We live on an island and so it is ALWAYS hot! Sooo, we put the AC on in the boys room and work in there. There is not much to do here...beach/pool. No homeschool groups. SOOO in between the beach/pool there is plenty of time. Have a great summer everyone