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Jury Duty

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by , 03-15-2012 at 08:27 AM (2766 Views)
Today at soccer I was talking to a group of moms. (Don't we always sit and chat while the kids are busy with P.E. class.) Two of the moms had just received notices for jury duty. We were discussing what to do about it. My son doesn't have any grandparents to stay with while I go off to sit in a court room all day, maybe for several days. His only aunt in this area works full time. The only possible babysitters I have are other homeschool families. And to be honest, I feel that they help out enough with all of my doctors appointments that I don't want to take advantage of them any more than that. So I don't know what I would do if I received a notice for jury duty.The last time I received one I was struggling with chemotherapy and was just too sick to go. I wrote a note to the court and told them that I could not participate because of my health and gave them my doctor's name and number. They sent me a notice that I was excused. The time I was called before that I told them that I was the only caretaker for my small child and I was his homeschool teacher. I said that it would be disruptive to his education for me to be away for several days at a time. Again, I was excused.

The two moms I was talking to had just written to the court explaining that they were the caretakers of small children and they had no other child care. They are waiting to see if they will be excused or not. But it made me wonder what other families do in this situation. I mean, for many of us who use an online homeschool curriculum, it would be an easy thing to have someone else supervise while the kids do their school work.

What do parent's do who don't have child care? How would you handle this situation if you were called for jury duty? Have you used this experience as an educational tool to teach history, government, or civics to your child?


  1. MamaToHerRoo's Avatar
    Last year I was called to jury duty. I did notify the court that I was a work from home mom of a homeschooled child, that time away from work would have impact on my income since I was a contract worker, that I did not have anyone to leave my child with during the day, or to educate my child in my absence and reporting to jury duty would be a hardship. I heard nothing from the court, and was still on call every evening for a week. After 5pm each day I had to call an automated line to see if I had to report the next day. Fortunately, I would have had someone to take care of my child, had I been called to duty. It was a very unsettling week with everyone's schedules up in the air depending on the after 5pm call each day to determine the next day's activities.
    A lawyer I know told me that even if I had had to report the likelihood of me being chosen to serve would have been slim because being a stay at home mom, homeschooler, and working for the company that I do would have made me appear to be extremely conservative. One side or the other, defense or prosecution, would have probably moved for my dismissal. We did use the situation as a learning experience since my child is old enough to understand the duties and obligations of citizenship.
    Homeschooling mom of one!