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, 03-27-2012 at 07:45 AM (3642 Views)
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One of the many advantages of being homeschooled is that my kids are home when most kids are away at school. I know this may seem obvious, but it opens up a unique opportunity that I bet you haven't thought of.

My kids are able to make friends with other kids who live on the other side of the world!
They have become friends with a boy who lives in Finland as well as kids who live in London. I closely monitor all these conversations and their friend in Finland has even taken to telling me "hello". He keeps telling my kids that their mom is awesome. LOL

"Noize", not his real name, has attempted to teach my kids some Swedish which is his first language. My kids have trouble with the pronunciations. What cracks me up though is that these kids who have grown up in totally different cultures and with different languages, are NO different from my kids!

What do you think their favorite topic of conversation is? Remember they are kids! Yep! You guessed it! Farts and burps and other bodily noises! Noize is just as bad at this as my kids are!

If it were up to me, I'd be quizzing Noize and my kid's other online friends about how they live, what is their school like, how are things different in their country than they are here? But I guess that all comes out naturally as they are just simply being kids.

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  1. topsytechie's Avatar
    I love that your kids are getting to know children from other cultures. What an awesome opportunity!!
  2. Dee's Avatar
    I totally agree!!