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Learning to Adjust Portions

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, 02-28-2012 at 07:55 AM (2724 Views)
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Not sure if I've mentioned it here before, but two of my kids are overweight, and one is underweight. The strange thing about them being overweight is that when they were little they were always underweight. One of them even had to drink extra calories everyday as a toddler to try to get their weight up to where it needed to be. I blame the fact that they are now overweight on too many video games, not enough time spent outside and eating too many calories for how little they move. That goes for their parents as well.

We are making some changes a little at a time to try to change some of this. The first change we are focusing on is the number of calories we consume as a family. No we are NOT going to go nuts calorie counting. My brain is too allergic to numbers to be able to deal with that. What we ARE doing is paying attention to our portions. We are going to be doing our best to stick with the recommended serving suggestions and no seconds.

One really good example is the other night my husband brought home a bag of cookies. My oldest, being a homeschooler, quickly figured out how many we should each get to be fair. In the past we would have finished off the bag that night, each eating six cookies. Instead, I looked at the serving suggestion and found that it was only two. So we each had only two cookies. That's not to say that our kids didn't beg and plead for more. But daddy and I held firm. Of course the portion sizes don't only apply to snacks like cookies.

Another thing that we are doing is not having dessert EVERY night like we'd been in the habit of doing. We are reserving dessert night for Friday evening and whatever nights our portions last. This will hopefully cut out quite a few extra calories that we normally consume. Perhaps once we are able to make these small changes habit, then we can work on getting the kids to move more! Even though I have been working out more regularly and trying to take some BIGGER steps toward healthy habits, I can only handle baby steps in getting the kids to change their habits.

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