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Learning On Vacation

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by , 09-16-2011 at 07:07 AM (3217 Views)
This week we were on vacation. We decided to take the train instead of driving or flying. I thought it would be great to see so much of the country and not have to worry about driving through it. You miss so much while you're driving. The biggest problem we had was that we did not have computer access for a good part of the trip. Without internet, my son could not do his school work. So I had to think about things he could do without his computer. One of the things that we did was to talk about each of the states that we drove through. I tried to come up with at least one fact for each state that we could talk about. During one stretch of the trip the wonderful conductor gave a running dialog about the areas we were driving through. He was so full of exciting and historic facts about the area. Most of this time we were in Kentucky and West Virgina. It was so great listening to him talk about each place. I'm sure we learned a lot that would never show up in the history books.

Another thing we did on the train is to practice word searches. I was even able to download a wordsearch game on my phone. I thought this would be a good way to help improve my son's reading ability. We spent a lot of time reading and working on word searches.

We went to visit a windmill. They sell cornmeal and wheat that is actually ground right there using wind power. We go to a grist mill on a regular basis. So it was great to compare the processes between the two types of mills. Of course we had to buy a big bag of cornmeal. I can't wait until we have time to use it. People were getting in to the car next to us when we pulled up to park. My first thought when I saw the children was that they must be homeschoolers. I didn't ask them, but when we went into the Museum Store I looked at the guest registry. Sure enough the people right before us signed in as a homeschool family.

Of course we went to the zoo. Doesn't everyone go to the zoo on vacation. It's so fun to see all the differences between different zoos around the country. We have visited several now over the years.

It was a great trip but I am so glad to be home. Tomorrow we will begin working on our curriculum program again. Vacations are fun but coming home is even better.