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Living Social Studies with Adventure!

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by , 06-15-2011 at 03:01 AM (6087 Views)
Living Social Studies with Adventure!
by Jamie
Do you want to make summer super fun, yet still keep the kids learning? I sure do! So, this week I have been planning a little adventure for our family. Since we are a family of 8 it is very difficult to go anywhere cheaply. Staying overnight at hotels is a budget buster because now we need two hotel rooms. Hence, adventure in our lives has been drastically cut. Yet, I decided somewhere in here we have to find a way to go places, and see things without it costing an insane amount.

ENTER... CAMPING... yes, I know many of you have done this so much that you could probably write a book about it - I guess I am just slow to "getting" some things. :) But, we have never been an extremely outdoorsy kind of family (though my husband hunts and fishes), because we have 6 females in our house - for goodness sake! The thought of camping really was not too appealing until we could no longer go anywhere that took us overnight. Our children are finally getting a bit bigger so that helps as well. No more diaper bags and other "little ones" necessities makes it alot easier to "rough it." Anyway, we plan to leave in about 10 days to travel to Texas, where we will visit my parents and support my father as he graduates with a Doctorate. Then off we go on our little camping trial run. We have centered our plans around the South Texas Hill country and have made state parks a focal point. We will be camping in a tent at a state park as well. (Still a bit nervous about that one... hope it isn't dreadfully hot!) Then we will visit the Alamo, take in San Antonio, and see a few museums. I also discovered a super thing... in San Antonio Tuesdays are a great day to get the kids out! Many museums and events for children are free on Tuesdays! So, we hope to incorporate a good bit of social studies learning as we travel, explore, and visit museums.

If you have any camping advice or other cool ways to connect our adventure to social studies learning please share!! I'll let you know how the trip goes, and post a few pics once we get back!
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