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by , 08-31-2012 at 07:38 AM (3775 Views)
This week we started a new series of classes. It is based on the Magic Tree House book series. The best part of this series is that someone else is teaching it. Someone else is organizing it. And someone else has to clean their house to get ready for it. Now that's my kind of class.
Magic Tree House provides curriculum materials for the whole series of books. There are fact finder sheets and word searches. Crossword puzzles and match games galore. You can play connect the dots or make paper. You can even learn a little bit of Latin. There is truely something for everyone.

They even have a certificate that you can print out when your child finishes the series.
For the class this week the kids went on a scavenger hunt throughout the first book. They answered questions about each chapter of the book until they reached the end of their treasure map. Then they answered questions about each dinosaur to try to figure out which dinosaur they were talking about. Next the kids made nests out of clay and filled them with dinosaur eggs.
After the class was over, the kids went out to the backyard to play in the Tree House of course. I think this is going to be a great class for the next several months. We will be meeting twice a month and going through a new book at each meeting. This gives everyone two weeks to read the next book and prepare for the class.
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  1. katshu2's Avatar
    I recently found this as well, and I am super excited about it!