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by , 01-27-2012 at 07:17 AM (2553 Views)
I have been thinking a lot lately about the simple things in life. At one time I thought I had to have the best of the best. I wanted the most recent electronic devices. I wanted the best micowave. I needed the towels and washcloths from the fanciest store. I bought kitchen things at a specialty kitchen boutique. My clothes had to be the best. Of course I couldn't always afford all those fancy things but I wanted them. I thought I needed them.

Somewhere along the way things started to change. i bought my first piece of antique furniture. I realized how much better made this old table was than the fancy new one that I had before. At about the same time I developed a fascination for the Amish. I started reading a lot of books about the Amish and their simple plain life. Slowly the simpler ways began to take over my life.

If I need a new washcloth, I will knit one instead of running to the store to purchase one. I spend a lot of time today sitting at my sewing machine instead of going to the mall. I make a lot of my own clothes and most of my son's. When we moved in to our 100 year old house I made all the curtains instead of buying them. I love making my own candles.

I am currently gathering supplies so that I can learn to make my own soap. I can't wait to post a blog about that. Talk about a great homeschool science project.

I also love to make my own bread. But I'm afraid my nine year old is rapidly taking over that department. he took a class a few months ago taught by a guy from England who makes his own bread. By the end of the class my son was hooked. Now he makes bread for us on a regular basis. Besides the science involved with the interaction of the yeast and the sugars in the bread, it is also a wonderful way for him to work out his aggression. There is nothing better for an angry nine year old than to punch down a bowl of bread dough.
And I've found that the angrier he is the more tender the bread turns out. (If you haven't tried this, it's wonderful.) So a couple of times a week, my little guy gets to work out his frustration and we get a treat of fresh from the oven bread with my homemade apple butter.

Cooking food slowly to capture the flavors is so relaxing in this fast paced world we live in. I love getting up in the morning when I have more energy and filling the crock pot with fresh goodies and then smelling them simmer all day long.

Homeschooling my son also fits right in to my desire to live a simpler life. We can move around things in our homeschool curriculum to suit our needs for the day. We learn at our own pace. And we can learn the things he is most interested in. If we want to spend the day learning about cooking in the 1800's, we can do that. We'll learn math and English another day.

Yes, I love my simple, handmade life. How about you?


  1. thegaddy5's Avatar
    I love this! I also enjoy making my own sourdough bread, crocheting, sewing... it is so much more rewarding to finish something that you have made than to buy it from a store... simpler is better!