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The Heart & Soul of Homeschool Online

We thought you might like to know more about the women who bring you the great homeschooling insights each and every day found on our blog, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Our esteemed crew includes:

Kelly Stone (hearthstone_academy) is a homeschooling mom of six kids that span an age range of 21 years. Her youngest son has Down syndrome and her two eldest have graduated from homeschool. One earned a college degree in Computer Electronics and the other is studying business in college. She is owner of The, the oldest curriculum swap site on the Internet and on the governing board of Mid-Columbia Christian Home School Co-op. In addition to her administrative duties for this group she writes and publishes the monthly newsletter and maintains the group website. In her spare time, she teaches classes in journalism and literature for the co-op. Kelly is a curriculum advisor and writer for Time4Learning, an online homeschooling program.

Dee married her hero in 1993. They homeschool 3 children, ManBoy (98), Fashionista (00) and RoboBoy (01). RoboBoy and Dee both have Aspergers Syndrome, also known as High Functioning Autism. Dee is a Jesus Freak who loves to crochet and write. Dee considers herself to be a “geek in training”. As an Aspie, Dee is generally happy to stay home, but loves keeping in touch with her friends via Facebook and Instant Messaging.

Dee is pretty new to Time4Learning having been with them for not quite a year. She enjoys her responsibilities in marketing and blogging as well as other projects as they need done. You can check out Dee's personal blog at Dee joins us as our newest Homeschool Online blogger.

Jamie Gaddy (thegaddy5) is an educator and homeschooling mom to six children ranging in age from 14 to 3. She has had the privilege of being a teacher for over 10 years and an administrator for 4 years. She is currently a professor for the school of education at Georgia Baptist College, leads a homeschool group, and tutors high school math students. She also enjoys freelance writing for Time4Learning and contributes weekly to the blogs Online Education for Kids and Homeschool Online.

Kathi is the mother of five adult children and one 8 year old son who they adopted from Guatemala in 2002. She also has eight grandchildren. Kathi has been married to her husband, Bob since 1997. She has a bachelor degree in Psychology from Southwest Missouri State University and one year of graduate school from the same university. Before Kathi retired to be a full-time mama, she was a social worker in a drug rehab facility working with moms and their drug addicted babies. She was raised in Iowa but has lived all over the country. Kathi finally settled in New Jersey 13 years ago. They started using Time4Learning when her son was in Kindergarten. He is now in third grade.