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Peek in My Window...

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by , 07-21-2010 at 05:01 AM (2278 Views)
Peek In My Window…
by Jamie
What do you do to homeschool your children? Ever been asked that before? I get asked this a lot… I don’t know if it’s because we homeschool six children, or because I used to be a teacher – either way I love to answer this question. You know, when you’re passionate about something… you love to talk about it. So, take a peak in our window…

We have homeschooled now for about 6 years. At the beginning, it was a bit intimidating so I used a video program to homeschool. Yet, as each of my children reached school age, we just did not have the finances to cover the rising cost of this program. Still a bit intimidated, I switched to a well known computer based “homeschool” program. This was good, affordable, but still had some glitches that really didn’t sell me on it.

I finally bit the bullet and realized that I was going to have to use my teaching experience and get to work on MY kids. I started this new method with the mentality of a classroom teacher. I put together a miniature classroom, each child had their own desk, and we started each morning with the pledges. I soon figured out that my children – at home were not going to function like one of my school classes. So, back to the drawing board I went.

I began to look for curriculum that I could use across several grades at once – assigning the older children with more difficult or grade appropriate work. This approach really worked for us. We used graded workbooks for math and language, and then worked together in science, history, and Latin. This really felt like it fit, but I still had niggling doubts about the “cracks” in their education.

So, back to searching… I finally landed on a curriculum that would allow us to homeschool online, and use the workbooks and studies that we were doing. We jumped on it, and the kids absolutely loved it. They were motivated to stay on task with their daily work, get it done, and get to their online homeschool. It was the answer I was looking for. This program was fun for the kids, yet filled the “cracks” that I was so concerned about.

Now that my oldest is in high school we are looking at other online options such as homeschool writing classes, and computer assisted foreign language study. Isn’t it great how each family has a completely different yet amazing homeschool story to tell? Take a minute to comment and tell us what you do to homeschool… LET US PEEK IN YOUR WINDOW…